Truly a beacon of Warrior for the past seven years, Mike Isom, Warrior’s first client, joins Coach Sam in this historic episode of Warrior Week: Parables from the Pit. What business did Mike create as a result of an Impossible Game? What unusual event occurred at Warrior Week 40 that nearly drove Mike away from Warrior, but instead turned out to be one of the most important experiences of his life? Why does Mike keep showing up? Why do Legacy and preparation matter?  

Parable #1: Speak to Me

  • Mike and Garrett go back to 2004 when Garrett was in the mortgage industry. For about two years, Mike drove from his home in southern Utah to Vegas, where Garrett was living at the time, doing financial planning for Garrett’s clients.
  • They lost contact for a few years, each going through their own transitions and pits. In 2012, Garrett’s first Warrior video caught Mike’s attention, and feeling that Garrett was speaking directly to him, Mike signed up for the first Warrior Week.

What was it about Garrett and his message that initially spoke to you?

Parable #2: I’m Not Alone

  • Warrior Week initially started out as a weekly call, and it was during these calls that Mike, for the first time, felt like he was not alone. This was a HUGE revelation for him.
  • “I thought I was the only man experiencing what I was experiencing, so when I found out that I wasn’t, it was a huge relief. It gave me this comfort, and it gave me permission to talk about, examine, and take action on things going on in his life.”

As a married businessman with children, what conversations were you unable to have with anyone before Warrior?

Parable #3: Keep Showing Up

  • As part of the Certified Trainer program and with a desire to dive deep into the Warrior doctrine, and to be able to live it to a greater degree in his own life, Mike attended a required second Warrior Week, WW #40 in Sept 2017.
  • Having assisted in Warrior Weeks 33 and 35, Mike knew what was coming experientially, yet ultimately didn’t know what he would personally experience from these evolutions.

In what ways do you keep showing up in your life?

Parable #4: Why Did You Leave Us?

  • During Warrior Week 40, as Mike was entering his pit, unbeknownst to him, his son Kayden stood behind the camera, filming him in this highly intense environment. In the evolution, Mike was waist-deep in the water with Coach Sam telling him to go deeper and deeper. 
  • All at once, Mike found himself face-to-face with his son, Kayden, Coach Sam and Coach Jesse. What happened next led Mike and Kayden on a father and son journey that brought a bond and trust back into their relationship.

How deep do you allow yourself to go in your daily pits?

Parable #5: Five-Second Rule

  • “The enjoyment comes in the pursuit of going after something. Do I stop, celebrate, and appreciate along the way? Yes. But, I’m constantly moving towards something that challenges me because it fulfills me the most and creates the most for those around me. That’s why I live a challenge-based lifestyle that Warrior has taught me.” Mike
  • “In that moment of joy is when you’re truly receiving the gift. If you receive it, you can give it away. But if you block yourself from receiving it, you have nothing to give away. Give yourself permission to receive and feel the gifts.” Coach Sam

What have you noticed about yourself and how you feel when you give yourself permission to receive the gifts?

Parables from the Pit

“We’re all on this pursuit of happiness, but our paralyzing stories can prevent us from actually being in proximately of that happiness.”

Sam Falsafi

“The science of Warrior, when applied, allows us to connect with the truth.”

–Mike Isom



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