Coach Kevin Voisin and his wife, Whitney, are Coach Sam’s special guests in this week’s episode where they talk about their recent adventure of swimming the Alcatraz event and share the lessons they learned.

Parable #1: Childhood Sweethearts

  • Kevin describes his wife as the ultimate diamond in the rough. They met on a church trip when they were twelve, and her hand was the first hand he ever held. But they lost contact after Whitney moved away.
  • Twenty-five years and two marriages later, Whitney happened to see Kevin’s face on a billboard while she driving through town one day. She reached out to him via Facebook, and the rest is history.

How did you and your spouse meet?

Parable #2: Witnessing Growth

  • In the past three years, Whitney has witnessed the growth and rise of her husband, Kevin. “Inside of being an amazing father, and wanting to please me, he had lost Kevin. I feel like Wake Up Warrior has been the process of discovering who he is.”
  • During this same time, Whitney saw herself as happy and content, not feeling like anything needed to change until she began witnessing Kevin training and leading men. She then began feeling like she was remaining stagnant while he continued to grow.

What growth have you witnessed in your spouse? In yourself?

Parable #3: Overcoming Fears

  • Whitney’s decision to enter the Alcatraz event stemmed from a fire that has been lit inside of her where she is “tired of living inside this little box I’ve created for myself.”
  • “I jumped off the boat into the water because this was something I was doing for myself, not for anybody else.” Up until this point, Whitney was convinced she was meant to decorate the outskirts of the water, not jump in it.

What huge leap have you taken recently?

Parable #4: Life Lessons From Alcatraz

  • One of the take-a-ways for Whitney from her experience was that she wants to do the things in life that make her strong, surrounded by others who are also going to make her strong. “There was comfort and safety swimming in a pack.”
  • Whitney observed a lesson she felt Kevin had learned by not completing the race because he began assisting others who were having troubles in the water. “The fact is, he straps others to his back all the time, which prevents him from completing something he wants to do.”

What are some of the lessons you have learned about yourself as you have competed in events?

Parable #5: Creating Wins

  • After coaching both men and women over the course of the past three years, Sam and Kevin have witnessed a huge disconnection between husbands and wives.
  • Coach Sam: There may not be any drama or trauma inside a marriage, but there’s a huge gap between the husband and the wife. What you two have co-created by doing this event together is the Voisin standard of connection and winning.”

What are you committed to creating together with your partner or spouse?

Parables from the Pit:

“In a world today that is so connected using technology, we are actually in the worst era of disconnection, specifically between husbands and wives.”

Sam Falsafi

“I am not alone is a powerful feeling, and when it leaves, it underlines just how important it is in your life.”

Kevin Voisin

“I am the only one who gets in my way.”

Whitney Voisin



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