Coach Sam and COO of Wake Up Warrior, Cullen Talley, have an impromptu conversation in this week’s episode where they uncover beautiful truths and insights as they discuss this concept of seeking.


Parable #1: Déjà Vu 

  • During a recent meeting in his office with one of the brothers, Coach Sam had a distinct moment which many refer to as deja vu.
  • While many refer to deja vu as if it is a normal, everyday phenomenon, Sam stopped and listened to the message he was receiving inside of the moment, instead of dismissing it.

How do you respond to Déjà Vu moments?


Parable #2: Brotherhood of Seekers

  • Cullen: As men inside the Brotherhood, we are Seekers. In ways, it would be easier not to seek. Seeking sounds mystical and amazing, but it can also be painful and tiring.
  • Even though we are very different, inside of that, we have a common interest. What drives that connection is that we are committed, as men, to continue to seek answers, truth, and revelation.

What are you seeking in your life?


Parable #3: Seekers of Understanding

  • Two years ago, Sam declared that he was not a seeker. He was convinced that he “sucked at seeking.” Today, however, his #1 priority is to seek.
  • Cullen remembers seeking answers as a child as he struggled with some of the concepts he was learning He was seeking a different level of understanding than what was being taught or what he had to study

What have been some of your biggest struggles you have sought answers for?


Parable #4: Seeking Inside Solitude

  • Coach Sam: There are empowering moments when you’re alone training; it’s a moment of self-reflection when you literally don’t need anyone else but the certainty and confidence within you.
  • Cullen: So much is happening on a cold morning where nobody’s watching, where a thought or a moment opens up and you discover something. Within the seeking and space, you have discovered the combination to the lock to open a window.

What are some of the revelations you have received in quiet moments of solitude?


Parable #5: The Seeker’s Journey

  • Most of his life, the only thing Sam was seeking was found inside of his math classes. Two years ago, he began the Seeker’s journey, transitioning from the world of information to the world of encounter.
  • In the past two months, Sam’s desire to return to his roots in mathematics has surfaced. He’s understanding the purpose of mathematics more and more and knows it is leading him to something of significance.

What is seeking you?


Parables from the Pit:

“I can seek mastery of the thing that is calling me, the thing that I am being pulled towards.”

–Sam Falsafi

“Oftentimes we think of seeking as this massive move from here to the moon. To me, seeking is a quarter inch at a time, a step at a time.”

— Cullen Talley




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