In this episode, Coaches Sam & Max continue to explore the conversation around the essence of weakness in men and explore poignant questions such as, What is weakness? Is weakness a choice? Do you want a higher standard but are unwilling to put in the work required? Do you take a stand for moral values yet lack the evidence (performance) of that stance in your life? Is there a difference between a quitter and a non-finisher?


  • What are your weaknesses? (Write them down)
  • What are your plans around these weaknesses? (Declare & commit)


  • Where in your world are you blaming others for your circumstances and outcomes?

“We’re going to fuck up, no matter what. No matter how perfect our plan is, it is going to get punched in the fucking face by God’s plan. The humbling act of fucking it up allows us to be a finisher.”

–Sam Falsafi

“The quitter is the essence of the weakness inside of you. It’s so much easier to quit than to actually run the race.”

–Maximilian Mormont



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