I AM the master of my fate, I AM the captain of my soul.

COMFORT vs COMBAT | Warrior Week 61 Documentary

“There is a combat taking place tonight in the battlefield of your mind. Give yourself permission to go into that fight with a new fuckin decision.”

Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

TOTALLY IN ESSENCE | Warrior Week 60 Documentary

“In the land of the fucking liars, the truth is your weapon.”

-Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

BY THEIR FRUIT YOU SHALL KNOW THEM | Warrior Week 59 Documentary

“There is a tree, and in that tree, there is one fruit. It starts with one…and that is you. From that place, go to the root of the tree. Connect to the earth, to the ocean, and to the sun – connect to all that nourishes that tree.”

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

MISSION to the UNKNOWN | Warrior Week 58 Documentary

“What if the word coincidence was a man-made word to dismiss miracles? What if it’s a miracle that you are standing here today facing this mountain to see humanity rise…you being part of humanity? What if being present was nothing more than being still?” 

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

DARE to WIN | Warrior Week 57 Documentary

“Tonight you’re not hiking the mountain; tonight there will be a fight between you and that mountain. Tonight you will let go of the how and you will attach yourself to the who because who you are dares to be face to face with that goddamn fucking mountain and cross through the mountain to find yourself on the other side…a version of you who is not standing here. Who you are is on the other side.”

— Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

YOU | Warrior Week 56 Documentary

“The hell you have created for yourself is nothing but being less than who you are supposed to be.”

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

TIME | Warrior Week 55 Documentary

“Tonight you’ll have an opportunity to go deep into the cave and discover what there might be on the other side of the mountain for you. Face the one thing that you have refused to feel.”

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

RIVER to the CITY OF GOD | Warrior Week 54 Documentary

“This mountain stands between you and that city. There’s a river that’s going to take you to that city, and that river has Purpose. That’s why it keeps fucking moving. And it says, come…come and move. You’ll know where the river is…as long as you believe.”

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

I AM THAT I AM | Warrior Week 53 Documentary

I AM…defines him.
I AM…enables him.
I AM…defines his creativity.
I AM…makes him capable.
I AM…makes him dangerous.
I AM…makes him powerful.
I AM…makes him a fucking king.
I AM…makes him the fucking king of the kings.

He knows no lies, and the TRUTH is his WEAPON.

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

FREE MAN YOU SHALL BE | Warrior Week 52 Documentary

“Free will, you shall have. Freedom, you shall create. Possibilities shall exist for your creation to manifest. So… be free tonight, because that is all you have.”

Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

INTO THE MOUNTAIN | Warrior Week 51 Documentary

“Your hope is nothing but a false lift on a flat summit because you’ve never seen what’s on the other side of the mountain. At best, you have climbed the mountain to look back at what was… to your past and your old stories. You have never given yourself permission to turn around.”

Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

TO THE VICTOR GOES THE GLORY | Warrior Week 50 Documentary

“There is a gap between the current version of yourself and the version you are hunting. You have been hunting this for perhaps most of your life…and it has been seeking you.”

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

KING of KINGS | Warrior Week 49 Documentary

“Beyond the mountain, what might be there? There is a king…and that king awaits you. That version of you KNOWS that he’s a king, and is the greatest version of yourself.”

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

KING’S COUNCIL | Warrior Week 48 Documentary

“This council of kings did not go to war for peace; they did not go to war for prosperity; they did not go to war for personal interests & beliefs. They simply went to war for love…for the love of humanity.”

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

LEAD WITH YOUR HEART | Warrior Week 47 Documentary

“…a man that lives by his heart; a man that does not live in his fucking head; a man that knows the language of his soul…”

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

THE MARCH | Warrior Week 46 Documentary

“That man is a man that knows the meaning of honor; he knows the meaning of integrity. That man knows what being a man means. That man sees possibilities. That man keeps marching forward. Tonight and this week…you get to march with him. So tonight, march! March in the dark and carry the goddam fucking torch!”

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

THE EYE TO SEE | Warrior Week 45 Documentary

“As you stand here, cold and miserable, see that man on the island. Don’t just fucking look at that man on the island…SEE him. Most men spend years looking at things but never see anything…”

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

THE KEY | Warrior Week 44 Documentary

“You’re here to unlock the locks in your life that appear in multiple places. There is a single key that will open those locks placed there by religion, race, financial & social status…and yourself. You are here to find that key.”

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

I AM that I AM | Warrior Week 43 Documentary

“In the horizon, there is a beginning and an end; the hidden and the revealed. This is the spectrum of who you are. You, the physical being, has always existed with the universe inside of you. What was once known as atoms have now transcended into beings…human beings.”

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

HOPE DIES HERE | Warrior Week 42 Documentary

HOPE dies here because…

HOPE…is for beggars.

HOPE… is slowing you down.

HOPE… is walking through the fire.

FAITH… is leaping over the fire.

You need FAITH where you’re going tonight.

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

THE FORSAKEN KING| Warrior Week 41 Documentary

The King has abandoned the Kingdom.
The King has abandoned his potential.
The King has abandoned who he can become.
The King has become a fucking peasant.

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

THE FRONT LINE | Warrior Week 40 Documentary

“Into the void, you will go tonight… into locations that no man has gone…”

–Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

BELLY OF THE BEAST | Warrior Week 39 Documentary

“Without each other, you will not make it.”

-Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

HUNT THE LIGHT | Warrior Week 38 Documentary

“Gentlemen, this is the calm before the storm. We are about to embark on a journey into the darkness of your pit. And on this journey, each of you are not chasing the light…you are HUNTING the light!

-Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer

PAY THE PIPER | Warrior Week 37 Documentary

“Tonight, you are going to knock at the gates of fucking hell to borrow fire from the Piper. Keep knocking until he opens the gates.”

-Sam Falsafi, Lead Trainer



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