Parable #1: “Who the Fuck Coaches You?”

  • As a student and leader inside of many transformational trainings throughout his life, Demian had always been a seeker of growth and improvement at a fundamental level. However, once he found himself smack dab in the middle of the “trifecta of insanity,” aka a married businessman with children, it became apparent that what had been working was no longer working for him.
  • Through the conversations, arguments, and collisions with his wife, it became clear to Demian that something needed to change and shift. Having been instrumental in the breakthroughs of hundreds if not thousands of others, one day, his wife asked him, “You coach everybody else, but who the fuck coaches you?” 

How do you open yourself up to coaching when you are the one usually doing the coaching?

Parable #2: Rise & Remember

  • When the conversation of Warrior entered Demian’s world, he had been dabbling in some old patterns and behaviors that weren’t at all serving him. On top of that, things were fizzling out sexually inside of his three-year marriage. 
  • About this time, a video on Facebook caught Demian’s attention showing men in extreme conditions who were being called to “rise and remember that you are a king.” Over sushi one evening, he shared this with his wife – an intuitive – who blurted out, “That’s it! Sign up right now!” What Demian experienced in the next 45 minutes was a foreshadowing of the wild, life-altering adventure yet to come.

Describe your intro to Warrior.

Parable #3: Buried Alive

  • It was during one of the evolutions at Warrior Week 49 that Demian came face to face with one of his greatest fears. After being blasted with water while reciting Invictus, Demian was immediately taken to a plot of ground where he was instructed to dig his own grave.
  • His greatest fear? That of being buried alive. And yet, that is exactly what happened next as dirt began covering him, and men started piling on top of him, all the while a muzzled German Shepherd began barking ferociously in his face. At that moment, in order to survive, Demian disconnected from the chaos and panic. What happened next proved what would be a pivotal moment for him.

What is one of your greatest fears?

Parable #4: That One Time in India…

  • During his travels to India ten years ago, Coach Sam had a very unusual and memorable experience. As he sat on a park bench one morning, he suddenly heard all of this laughter and set out to find out where it was coming from.
  • Imagine his surprise when he discovered a group of people being led in a laughter meditation! After joining in the contagious laughter, Sam asked the guru a question that had been burning inside of him for a while. The guru answered Sam’s question by sharing an unforgettable story.

What burning question do yoi have inside of you?

Parable #5: Discover the Gift

  • In 2011, Demian’s movie, “Discover the Gift,” screened at the Sundance Film Festival. During the Q&A that followed, Demian heard a loud noise followed by someone suddenly standing up and abruptly leaving the room.
  • A few minutes later, as Demian stood outside the theater, a large, tall man wearing an intense expression on his face came barreling towards him. Demian instinctively raised his hands to protect himself. But as the man drew closer, he noticed tears running down the stranger’s cheeks as he asked Demian, “What did you do to me?”

How did you feel when you heard Demian recall this story?

“Parables from the Pit

“You truly don’t know another man if you don’t know his pain.”

Sam Falsafi

“…as your father, I will always love you. As your king, I command you to rise! Rise..and rise again!”

–Demian Lichtenstein



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