Coach Sam and Coach Kevin have a conversation about how the recent addition of Warrior Woman has become a powerful part of the Wake Up Warrior empire and is empowering women to find their voices and own their worthiness.


Parable #1: Warrior Woman Movement

  • For more than five years, Warrior has been delivering their message to thousands of men. Many women have desired to be part of this conversation but were excluded from playing the game of the ‘men only’ Warrior’s Way until recently after it became clear that it was time to invite women to have this experience.
  • Garrett J White, found of Wake Up Warrior, thought he had created it to lead elite men, but what he found was a way to lead an elite human being. Warrior simply acts as the container for that creation to take place for men and women inside their families.

What is your experience with Warrior Woman?

Parable #2: Sex and Collisions

  • Coach Kevin Voisin, who has been an integral part of assisting thousands of men in Warrior Week, first felt a calling to teach and lead women in the Warrior’s Way a year ago and is now the head trainer for the Warrior Woman movement.
  • Coach Kevin:  The first thing we’re seeing is an increase in sex across the board. We’re also seeing massive collisions inside of their families which is a result of arming the women with the tools to use their voice in communicating what they want when in the past, they have kept their desires silent.

How has the increase in collisions in your relationship changed the dynamics of your marriage?

Parable #3: Speaking the Same Language

  • A lot of men use Warrior to hide and will tell their wives, “I’m doing my CORE4 and Warrior shit.” Now with both the husband and wife living the Warrior’s Way, there’s no place to hide.
  • When Coach Kevin and his wife, Whitney, who is also a trainer inside of Warrior Woman, recently had a fight, she told him to “go fucking Stack that shit and give it the title, “I’m Acting Like a Fucking Toddler.”

How has home life changed since your wife returned from Warrior Woman?

Parable #4: Finding Their Voice

  • When a man enters the house all emotional and upset, many women and children believe it’s their fault and look for ways to fix it.
  • Warrior Woman is teaching Women to find their voice inside of this, helping them realize this behavior belongs to the man, not to them.

Gentlemen, how often do you blame your wife or children for your emotional outbursts?


Parable #5: It Takes Two

  • When a man goes into the Pit, which was co-created by his wife, he leaves her in there while he climbs out, yet one of man’ s biggest drives is to have connection with his wife.
  • Your wife will pull you back into the Pit because you’ve trained her to control the fucking Pit. Your best version as a married and family man is directly proportional to the best version of your wife.

What are you hearing from this conversation?


Parables from the Pit:

“At the end of the day, every man came from a woman, and there’s nothing you can do to undo that. The Universe has already created that blueprint of creation.”

–Sam Falsafi

“One of the big benefits we’re seeing is that men and women are finally speaking the same language.”

— Kevin Voisin




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