Coach Sam Falsafi welcomes Warrior Week 36 graduate, Navin Thukkaram, to the show today. Navim is a very successful entrepreneur and a man that has completely transformed his life in the past year by simply believing in the concept of becoming this greater version of himself. “It’s what the journey makes you become, it’s not getting to a finish line,” says Navim. “The finish line does not exist.”

Parable #1: Commitment

  • Navim is from Chicago, his parents are from India. He had a traditional upbringing with a strong emphasis on education. He loved playing golf and was really quite good, so he chose a University that had its own golf course – Princeton – and boasts that he got to play golf and do math all through college.
  • Navim: I feel like when I was growing up, I was cranking non-stop at school from ages 5 to 18 to try to get into an Ivy League school. It was the contract of ‘this is what you do.’ I always had targets and outcomes I was working towards – go to college, get a lot of money, get respected. I had worked really hard for a very long time, and although it all actually worked out very well, I was super burned out.

What area of your life do you feel needs a deeper and more consistent commitment from you?

Parable #2: Cooks in the Kitchen

  • Navim: I made my first million in my late 20s. At the time I was a partner at a private equity firm. One of my investments went extremely well, it grew from there, and we sold a little bit of it which was well over a million dollars. I’ve been fortunate to have my good family and education and resources to be successful. Obviously, it’ not about the money, it’s about what the money represents.
  • That represented unbelievable about of commitment and work over a lifetime, and in some ways, it also represented what my parents had done for me over that very long period of time. All those things had to come together to make that happen. There were a lot of cooks in the kitchen that helped make that happen.

Who are the people who have contributed to your success?

Parable #3: The Missing Link

  • Coach Sam: In your late 20s, you achieve this and you continue to grind. Obviously, the reward of the money was great and you felt successful. You built a fucking empire. Life is good. And then you go to a Tony Robbins event, and inside of the event, you meet Garrett who tells you to ‘talk to Sam.’ After you watched some videos, what truly resonated with your heart for you to say: this is something that I want to do?
  • Navim: It was one of Garrett’s first videos where he was walking in Vegas talking about the concept of sedation, and the concept of wanting something more. I’m always doing personal development in some way so it wasn’t like I felt I had hit rock bottom. But I felt like I didn’t have near the energy that I had experienced in previous years, and it was a lack of purpose. 

What message resonated with you and was the catylist for your entry into Warrior?

Parable #4: Warrior Week

  • Navim: I come into Warrior Week. I’m doing well, but I’m not feeling that energy or purpose. I knew from our conversation and by the way you identified that so effortlessly, that this is the place I needed to be. I was thinking: I don’t know what the fuck these guys are doing, I don’t know why they’re wearing all black, I hope this is not some sort of cult, but Garrett is obviously a great guy so I’m going to trust the process.
  • The first thing I felt when you had me in the hole that we had dug for ourselves was that I was very confused. I knew I was in the right place, but I didn’t really know why I was there. I had a feeling as to why I was there, but I couldn’t really articulate it very well. But I knew I was not going to get out of that hole until I convinced you that I knew why I was there.



How has trusting the process impacted your life?

Parable #5: Measurable Results

  • Coach Sam: For the first time ever, I feel you are balanced enough to have a relationship. For a year you’ve been knocking at the door of fatherhood and relationship. For 27 years, you’ve been programmed as an assassin, and now you meditate and have these moments where you stop and you go to the void for no reason and no purpose, and then you come back. It’s creating balance in your character and the way you communicate.
  • It is a totally different Navim, not that the Navim before was a bad one, but this one is a more dominating, powerful Navim. You’re a badass doing MMA right now, business is booming, the purpose behind your business is clear. You’re meditating, you’re connected to your being. The missing piece of the puzzle is the Balance, but you’re in the most attractive state ever.

How has being part of Warrior changed your life?

Parables from the Pit:

“Part of what was missing from Navim was fire. You saw a glance of that fire in Garrett. The heat of that fire warmed you up and attracted you, which brought you into this crazy conversion. Warrior Week burned you to some extent. You and the men of 36 forged this connection – this relationship that most men don’t have. It’s an invitation for collision, for calling each other out, prompting the highest standard. And that’s what we hold you accountable to.”

— Coach Sam Falsafi

“You have to remember that your business is a reflection of yourself. Just take a look in the mirror. You have to get that fire first – for yourself – if you’re going to set your business on fire and really take it to the next level. The thing is, when you get yourself right, you can make quantum improvements.”

–Navin Thukkaram



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