Coach Sam Falsafi has a conversation with Warrior Week graduate and Kajabi co-founder, Travis Rosser.

Parable #1: The Encounter

  • Travis is the co-founder of the multi-million dollar company, Kajabi. Back in 2012 when he was reviewing all the videos that were coming through the system, he stumbled upon Garrett J White. As is the experience of many, Travis couldn’t pull himself away from Garrett’s videos and found himself drawn to his message. “It was so appealing how raw he was and how he spoke such clarity and strength.”
  • Within a few months, Travis met Garrett at a Frank Kern event where they had a brief conversation and exchanged numbers. Within two months, Travis called Garrett and found himself in the middle of one of the most honest conversations he had ever had. “On that call, he predicted my divorce and made all sorts of bold statements.  It was like he was asking me what if I could have more in my life? It scared the shit out of me.”

Describe your first encounter with Garrett.

Parable #2: Kajabi Meets Warrior

  • Travis: Within six months, my marriage crashed and burned and I had made a shit ton of mistakes. It’s now 2015. I’m feeling the need to go to Warrior Week and I actually go. Not only did I meet a lot of amazing men, some of whom are my best friends to this day, it was the beginning of me digging into a place I had ignored my whole life.
  • Coach Sam: You’ve been part of the system that has helped us broadcast the message of Warrior. Without you and what you have created, we would not have been able to expand and grow, and deliver our message the way we’ve been able to. Even today, we use your tools and software to train our men. They watch the videos, they do their homework, and it’s more than an online class, it’s an experience.

What is one lesson you have learned from the mistakes you have made this past week?

Parable #3: Lead or Leave

  • Coach Sam: Often as guys, we carry shame and guilt that we don’t have to. If you are in a sexless marriage, or in a relationship that has no fuckin emotion, then what? You could start training and leading that person towards what you want. And if that doesn’t happen, you separate. If you accept and tolerate it, it then becomes the new standard for your marriage.
  • Travis: I stayed in my 15-year marriage longer than I should have. I grew up in a very Christian, religious home and thought I had to stay. I remember reverting back to the hopeless thoughts I had during my childhood: “This is my life, this is how it’s always going to be, and there’s nothing I can do about it.” I stuttered from the age of 10 to 18 and was embarrassed to talk, so I rarely did.

What are you no longer going to tolerate in your life?

Parable #4: You Inc.

  • Travis: My book is about digging inside yourself and finding the business inside of you. I talk about the four P’s: Profession, Passion, Pain, and Problem. When people dig deep into these areas of their lives, they will uncover a nugget: a business, passion or purpose that’s right in front of them.
  • Coach Sam: There are people running businesses who are miserable because they don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing, other than having a comfortable life or earning money. There’s a difference between that guy and the guy who knows every single day why he’s doing what he’s doing. In the case where the guy knows his purpose, he asks, “What can I do with the money to grow my purpose even bigger?”

As you dig deep into the four P’s, what nugget is being revealed to you?


Parable #5: From Fathers to Sons

  • Coach Sam asks the question, “Let’s say our boys somehow find this podcast ten years from now. What message do we want to leave with them? Coach Sam: Continue inquiry in life. Ask questions because they end the confusion. The more you ask, the more you find out. Don’t ever fucking stop questioning.
    Travis: Don’t get married too early, make sure you follow your dreams, and don’t give up no matter how many times you fail. Just keep going. You will be shocked at yourself and with your life ten years from now. Keep your joy, discover your own path, and listen to the Voice.

What messages do you have for your children?

Parable from the Pit:

“I was having a conversation with Jesse Ewell recently about the topic of joy. We asked ourselves when the last time was that we had actually experienced it. I realized I had experienced joy for five minutes that week. That’s it? Are you kidding me? How can I make joy a process in my life vs an event that happens once in a while?”

— Coach Sam Falsafi

“I create Kajabi, Garrett creates Warrior. He uses Kajabi to get the message out, which eventually makes its way back to me and then liberates me. By creating my business, and by Garrett following his, we both liberated each other and gave each other this freedom.”

–Travis Rosser



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