Recorded in December 2019.

Tony LeBlanc joins Coach Sam Falsafi as his special guest in this episode of Warrior Week: Parables From the Pit. Tune in and discover how Tony initially discovered Warrior, his lessons and take-a-ways, how they each feel about their sons, life-changes over the past several years, merging two families, the unveiling of Tony’s new book, and much more.

Parable #1: Discovering the World of Warrior

  • Tony initially discovered Warrior on Facebook back in March of 2014, when a friend posted photos of a recently attended Warrior Week.
  • This piqued Tony’s interest in Garrett, whom he googled. As he watched Garrett’s videos, it was the first time Tony felt “someone knew me better than I knew myself and was speaking directly to me.”

What situation did you find yourself in when you first discovered the world of Warrior?

Parable #2: Something Better

  • At the time, Tony was in a painful place, newly separated, and looking for a new place to live. Self-development was new to him, and he had never invested financially in himself.
  • Garrett’s call to actions “led me to think about things from a different perspective, and I was willing to do anything to get into a better place.”

What was in that caused you to invest in Warrior?

Parable #3: Warrior Week x2

  • “The first Warrior Week Tony attended in 2014 helped him survive the separation from his wife and armed him with tools that he eventually let go of. 
  • The prep alone leading up to Tony’s second Warrior Week experience in 2019 was life-changing. It brought up abandonment issues and uncovered patterns from his childhood that surprised him.

What showed up for you during Warrior Week that surprised you and rocked your world?

Parable #4: The CODE

  • Warrior’s CODE is simple: Stop Fucking Lying, and Start Telling the Truth. Coach Sam explains the Yin and Yang of the CODE, and how he “dont’s & do’s” are each a necessary component.
  • Focusing on the do’s of the CODE prevents you from visiting the parts of our life that can be scary to visit; the places most men don’t want to go mostly because they don’t know how to go there.

How has life changed for you since living by the CODE?

Parable #5: Like Father, Like Son

  • Coach Sam and Tony have sons about the same age, and both men share similar feelings towards them. When they look at their sons, they see themselves at their age.
  • Tony, regarding his son, “Every movement, every mannerism brings me back to my childhood.” Both men agree it’s almost as if they’re trying to relive their childhood through their sons.

How have you seen your relationship with your children change since Warrior?

* Be the Man Challenge, an adventure that will take you through six weeks of self-discovery and introduce you to some of the conversations and belief systems inside of the Warrior’s Way.

Parables from the Pit

“Seven years ago, before Warrior, I didn’t see my son. Since Warrior, I have been planting the seed of trust inside of him. I feel like he’s guiding me.”

Sam Falsafi

“I know you want to be a better father.”

–Kayden LeBlanc, Tony’s eight-year-old son.



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