It’s back to the basics and fundamentals in this week’s podcast with Coach Sam and Coach Jesse taking on the topic of Habits and Patterns, and the idea that any habit, good or bad, is breakable.


Parable #1: Sixty Second Rule

  • We all have patterns and behaviors that either work for us or work against us. When you walk into a room or a building, or even when you wake up, you have about sixty seconds to decide what you’re going to do next, otherwise, your brain is programmed to go back to the lowest level of training or highest level of addiction.
  • Jesse notices that sometimes after entering the building he’ll start looking at his phone and make some coffee, and before he knows it, 30-40 minutes have gone by and he still hasn’t worked out.

What are some of your default habits that tend to suck away your time?


Parable #2: Cues

  • We constantly have things in front of us that distract us from the shit we know we actually need to do or want to do. Distraction takes more time than anything out of our day.
  • An example of a cue or habit for when you get distracted would be something like working out or meditation, giving you more space and helping you to be more present throughout your day.

What distracts you from the things you want to do?


Parable #3: Modern Men Distractions

  • We are used to being stimulated all of the time, smoking vapes and being on phones being two of the most popular activities.
  • As modern men, we tend to justify our distractions; our brains are actually programmed to defend these distractions.

How are distractions affecting your relationships?


Parable #4: Be Here, Now

  • One of the major consequences of distraction is the lack of being present at home. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your wife and children; it means you’re not present in the experience of the moment.
  • Being present is tasting and nourishing the experience of what’s happening right now, right here. You are not connected emotionally or mentally to any other aspects of your life other than what is going on right now.

What can you begin doing today to be more present with your wife and children?


Parable #5: The Shift Move and Meditation

  • The purpose of the Shift Move is to move you out of your present state into another state. It’s not about the exercises involved in the move, it’s about moving you into another state.
  • Meditation: Pull over and meditate for five minutes before entering your home. Visualize how you’re going to show up and what it is you want to experience upon entering your home.

What have been your results with meditation and visualization?


Parables from the Pit:

“Too often there are moments in our lives that pass us by without us tasting and nourishing them.”

Sam Falsafi

“You have 60 seconds to execute and take action, otherwise, you will go to your lowest level of training or your highest form of addiction.”

Jesse Ewell



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