In today’s episode, Coaches Sam and Max peel back the layers of pain and reveal its many facets, specifically the pain of man.

This note-worthy episode dives deep into these questions: What are the three types of pain? What are the five most common areas where pain shows up in your world? What are the five ways men handle their pain? Why are men ok with living in pain? What is the “level of laziness,” and what does that have to do with pain? What about the quest of being pain-free? Are you addicted and conditioned to the pain in your marriage? How do you move away from living in pain? How is pain a good thing?


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  • Why are you ok with living in pain?

I’m a special-force black taxi that picks men up at the intersection of, “I’m a fucking liar, and I have pain.” In this taxi, we are gonna fight for you. But if you’re numb to those two things, I can’t pick you up. Grab the fucking yellow cab and he’ll drive you around for fun.

–Sam Falsafi

Pain is like a muscle and it requires daily fucking work.

–Maximilian Mormont



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