Coach Sam welcomes special guest, Ravi, to the show today. One of the main entertainers inside the game of Warrior and the Warrior’s Way, Ravi is all about energy. He joined the Brotherhood in August of 2018 during a time when his life was a mess. “Everything was fucked up. My wife hated me, I hated her, and literally, everything was a disaster.” Warrior turned that all around for him.

Parable #1: WC3

  • During the three day WCON3 in December 2018, Ravi was an integral part of creating and driving the energy of that experience with over 1200 men. “It was fucking spectacular and unbelievably inspiring!”
  • Ravi has an extensive background in performing on world stages with all of the big names in the entertainment industry. Yet WC3 was an experience that stands out because “it meant so much to me. The energy was so intense, and everyone was on fucking fire to win!”

What was your experience at WC3?

Parable #2: The American Dream

  • Ravi’s father sailed from India to America in the early 1960s with $8 in his pocket and a desire to live the American dream. Within three years, Ravi’s father was able to become established, sending for his wife to join him in America where they began raising a family.
  • At a very young age, Ravi was obsessed with the drums and used anything he could find to beat on, resulting in a lot of breakage around the house. At age 10, at his father’s insistence, Ravi began working odd jobs to earn money for a drum set.

What is a passion you had as a child that has carried on throughout your life?

Parable #3: Trifecta of Insanity

  • One could say Ravi is living the American dream. He met his wife at the Playboy Mansion and got married on the beautiful beaches of Malibu, he’s the father of two children, and a musician in the entertainment industry. “My life is a Trifecta of Insanity.”
  • Coach Sam: One of the biggest fucking poisons inside the industry are the lies and cover-ups. Being a celebrity today has so many waterfall effects where everyting you say – even your intentions –  can get edited.

Inside your world, where are you noticing the lies and cover-ups?



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