Dr. Jeff Audibert, a graduate of Warrior Week 57, is Coach Sam’s special guest on this episode of Warrior Week: Parables From the pit. As an ER physician, Dr. Jeff brings a unique perspective to the conversation of healing.


Parable #1: Invest in Yourself

  • Dr. Jeff has been one who has desired continuous growth and expansion throughout his life. No stranger to self-help and improvement programs, Jeff has invested over $600K in himself over the last 25 years.
  • When he discovered Warrior, physically and relationship-wise things were not that great. He felt something was missing in his life and was looking for something to push him harder than he had been pushed before.

What were the conditions of your life when Warrior entered the picture?

Parable #2: The Pit

  • Jeff’s experience in the Pit at Warrior Week was deep and dark, “almost like being alone but I wasn’t.” Out of that came a hunger and a knowing that everything was going to be ok
  • What has changed in Jeff’s life since Warrior Week? Through the use of the CORE 4 tool, he is now spending time in all four domains of his life where before that wasn’t the case. Connection with his parents and sons has increased exponentially.

What changes have you experienced post-Warrior Week?

Parable #3: The Frontlines

  • As an ER physician, Jeff has healed and assisted over 190,000 men, women, & children throughout his career. One of the hardest challenges he faces in his work is delivering the news of death to loved ones.
  • Surprisingly, 60-85% of the people he sees have a significant psychological component, often anxiety or stress, which greatly magnifies the physical ailment or injury.

What is one of the challenges you face in your line of work?

Parable #4: Bedside Manners

  • Coach Sam shared a story where the presence of the ER doctor made a massive difference when their son broke his arm in Vegas a year ago. The doctor’s knowledge, confidence, and certainty poured into them and helped them come away with a feeling of happiness and certainty.
  • If a doctor comes into a situation with anxiety or a closed  & fatigued mind, it has a huge negative impact on the patients and their families.  Knowing this to be the case, Dr. Jeff makes it a point to enter any situation with calmness and certainty

How does your attitude affect those around you, as in your family and teams at work?

Parable #5: Healer

  • In addition to being an ER physician, Dr. Jeff also does energy healing which is a taboo subject in hospitals. He has found the results in those open to this sort of healing to be phenomenal.
  • The desire to heal has been with Jeff from the time he was about three years old. He explored various types of healing before deciding upon becoming a medical doctor.

What about yourself did you instinctively know as a child that you have since become or explored as an adult?

Parables from the Pit

“The practice of a healer is who you are; not what you do.”

Sam Falsafi

“We all know more than we think we know. Listen; pay attention to that inner voice.”

–Dr. Jeff Audibert



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