Sit back and listen as Coach Sam Falsafi and Warrior Week 40 graduate Sam Neider engage in an incredible and deeply inspiring conversation of shared experiences, insights and personal revelations in this divinely guided episode of the Warrior Week podcast.

Parable #1: An Unexpected Catalyst

  • Walking into the Warrior experience was like walking into pure fucking chaos. We’re thrown in with 120 other guys not knowing up from down and suddenly find ourselves on a webinar with Coach Sam who is coming at us with fire and a fire hose all at the same time. I sat there thinking what the fuck is this? Who is this guy and what is he doing to me right now?
  • Warrior Week was the biggest catalyst in my life for transformation that I have ever experienced. I’m a spiritual man and have been through many transformational experiences, but nothing like Warrior Week. It was there that I received clear messages and gifts from the Voice that altered the direction of my life and marriage.

Where have you experienced transformation in the face of chaos?

Parable #2: In the Darkness I Found Light

  • Most of us are afraid to go to the darkness of the Pit, yet it was in the Pit where I began to see clearly. I saw my wife and I saw what I had done to her. Most of the time I was blind and I didn’t realize what I had done or how damaging I had been.
  • It was in the Pit that I saw the path I needed to take moving forward, how I needed to repair and heal the relationship with my wife with love, with care, with everything that I had. I needed to bring a high level of intensity, investment and commitment into our marriage every single day to create and build our life together.

What are you doing inside of your marriage to create and build a life together?

Parable #3: Lessons from Mecca

  • In 2010 (before Warrior), Coach Sam’s business travels took him to Saudi Arabia. He decided to create a spiritual journey for himself and made the pilgrimage to Mecca where he received personal revelations and downloads from God while in that divine place, which confirmed to him that he was in the right place with God.
  • It was through his experiences, encounters and observations on that journey that he received these messages from God: 1- You don’t have to wear anything special for me. 2-You are all equal, no one is better than anyone else. 3-Men will always judge and always lie. 4-Men can correct themselves and reposition their hearts and feelings, they can change and transform themselves.

What is a message from God that you have received in the past week?

Parable #4: Guide Your Children to Hear the Voice

  • One of the things I created after Warrior Week was a family church. I realized I’m not really leading and guiding my family if I don’t guide them spiritually. Most of what happened in my childhood that was damaging was all the indoctrination of taking divine things and providing all of the answers around them.
  • I had to do a lot of undoing of all of that shit that got put in my head so I could start to hear the Voice in my heart again. So I determined that I was not going to indoctrinate my son but rather introduce him to the Bible and let him get his own revelations. The things that he is seeing and hearing from the Voice at 10 years old is amazing.

How are you taking advantage of the windows of time you have with your children to teach and guide them?

Parable #5: I Am a Violent Man

  • Sam N: I am a fucking violent man. My violence needs to be brought to bear on the right things: killing my fucking stories, ridding myself of guilt and shame, ridding the fucking lies in my life, committing to myself and my family and fighting every fucking day for my marriage and children. If I cannot fight for myself and my family first with violence and commitment, who am I to bring anything to the world?
  • Coach Sam: This is not a fight you are going to win if you don’t bring the violent man inside of you to fight for what matters most. You stand by the truth, you stand by your family, you stand by your kids, you stand by God, and you stand by yourself. The minute you defend something, it’s not the truth. The truth by itself doesn’t require any fucking man to defend it.

What are you standing for in your life? How would we know that?


Parable from the Pit:

“The next time you knock on my door, know that God has been here. I know where my faith is. It doesn’t belong in an organized religious group. My faith is between me and God and it’s fucking solid. I don’t need anyone to impose their beliefs on mine. Most of us put blinders on and follow one path. Where is your one on one connection with God?”

— Coach Sam Falsafi

“I cannot deny that God has come to me through a Muslim man who has directly impacted my life. I know how to identify when God has come to me and I will receive God through anyone who wants to give God to me. I will receive it and I will not deny the fruit of what that is, even if I don’t understand it.”

–Sam Neider



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