Dr. Stephen Vincent is Coach Sam’s special guest in this episode of Warrior Week: Parables From the Pit. What do you do when calculated goals start to fall apart? Are you afraid of your dark side? What do you even do with it? This is a fascinating episode filled with stories and experiences you are certain to relate to and glean treasures from.

Parable #1: Change of Plans

  • Stephen was striving to reach his goal of collecting $1M in a year. He hired chiropractic consultants along the way and figured with his track record of collecting $960k in 2017, he would easily reach that $1M figure in 2018.
  • 2018 turned out to be a year of struggle for him, however, where he was running out of cash. He had reached the point where he was ready to pull money out of his savings, sell his dream home, and move closer to his office in order to meet payroll and dig himself out of the pit.

Looking back, when have you experienced something similar to Stephen’s experience? What happened?

Parable #2: Kings Kit 3

  • As he searched for other options, he ran across an ad on Facebook featuring Garrett. As he watched the hour-long video, he felt that he was viewing the story of his own life.
  • That night, Steven invited his wife to watch the video, both agreeing they were watching their story. Stephen pulled the trigger, bought the book, and enrolled in Kings Kit 3. “This is what I have been searching for my whole life!”

What was your initial impression or reaction of Warrior?

Parable #3: Warrior Week

  • While attending WarriorCon3 in December of 2018, Stephen met other chiropractors. After the first of three days, he felt the call to do Warrior Week, no matter the cost. However, during the weeks leading up to Warrior Week, he had a change of heart and mind due to the stress of his financial situation.
  • As he resultantly spoke with Coach Sam on the phone, Sam reminded him he was living in a story and that, yes, he would refund his money. But then he said something that caused Stephen to have another change of heart and opt to go all-in with Warrior Week.

What resistance did you experience leading up to Warrior Week?

Parable #4: The Bridge Between Darkness & Light

  • The story of the White Warrior and the Dark Warrior was by far one of the biggest takeaways from Warrior Week for Stephen. “I knew I had the dark side, but I never wanted to let that beast out of the cage. It was a HUGE realization that it was ok to utilize that power to make everything work.
  • The Stack is the tool that allows that to happen. It is a series of questions where you express your feelings and how those relate to what you truly want. Inside of that, that there is a Voice giving you instruction. This channels the darkness, blame, anger, and turns it into a gift.

What is your experience using the Stack?

Parable #5: A Calling at Eleven Years Old

  • When eleven years old, Stephen knew he was going to be a doctor. He had this fascination with the brain and believed he would be a neurosurgeon. His little sister was born premature and struggled for six months with ear infections. The doctors wanted to put tubes in her ears, but his parents didn’t want her to go through surgery.
  • They took his sister to a chiropractor who did an exam and an adjustment and told them her body would heal itself. That night, her ears drained. Stephen was blown away from this experience and had four words imprinted forever in his mind: THE BODY HEALS ITSELF.

What did you feel called to do at an early age? Are you doing it today?

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Parables from the Pit

“We all have that level of darkness. We can take all of that and generate light out of it, but the majority of us don’t know how to do that. At Warrior, the tool of the Stack becomes the bridge between the darkness and the light.”

Sam Falsafi

“The Stack is a powerful tool that has helped me access the dark Warrior in me and use it to create production in my life. I live to find moments I can go deeper with so that I can Stack it. I also use it to journal and to express gratittude & love.”

–Dr. Stephen Vincent



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