Matt Radmacher, Warrior Week 6o graduate, joins Coach Sam in this very moving and pivotal conversation where we are invited into their hearts and souls through the sharing of stories and experiences. We are also privy to Coach Sam’s brilliant mathematical skills as he unveils the meaning behind the 2M Club.

Parable #1: Asleep

  • An avid fan and student of personal development, Matt recalls a conversation with his brother, where he shared Garrett’s story and success with Matt. “I don’t think you’d be interested in him, though, because he cusses a lot.”
  • Matt’s life wasn’t burning down at the time, but he describes himself as asleep. He golfed several days a week, lacked a sense of purpose in life, and built a business that provided residual income with minimal input.

Where were you when you were first introduced to the game of Warrior?

Parable #2: The Warrior Journey Begins

  • While driving to a golf tournament one afternoon, Matt’s YouTube search for Garrett brought up an interview where one line, especially, intrigued and resonated with him.
  • “I expose wealthy businessmen all the time. You peel back one layer, and their life is a chaotic drift.” Matt’s first experience in Warrior was the Be the Man Challenge, where for sixty days, he absorbed all things, Warrior.

How does Warrior help peel back the layers in your life?

Parable #3: Modern Idols

  • SAM: Modern idols have become men. We idolize celebrities, gurus, politicians, and athletes to the point that we are willing to separate ourselves from our closest ones.
  • Warrior connects men to the work, it connects men to the Voice, and once a man is connected to these, the need to put another man on a pedestal goes away. The result? Men become leaders in their realm.

What are the idols that you worship that separate you from your family?

Parable #4: Shaken

  • On the first night of Warrior Week, Matt felt exhausted but spiritually liberated. His decision to go all in and not hold anything back allowed him to purge and cleanse his soul.
  • Coach Sam explains, “It’s in the Pit that first night where the temple of a man is shaken by physical exhaustion, where just like a salt shaker, all of the useless stories of guilt and shame are shaken out of men.”

What stories of guilt and shame is it time to let go of?

Parable #5: The Hero

  • Warrior Week isn’t about going through transformation, it’s about welcoming the hero. And as long as you do the work from that space, you remain the hero.
  • Your work means being an example for your family and the leadership that you have. No matter your status in life, you have been given stewardship and how you reframe that inside of the work makes you who you are.

How are you handling your stewardship?

“Parables from the Pit”

“We have become the modern prostitute of our miracles, and we call them coincidences.”

–Sam Falsafi

“With Warrior, you can’t hide behind a camera, you can’t hide behind the layers and walls that you build up for yourself, and the masks you try to wear. Warrior cuts to the heart of where you’re at.”

Matt Radmacher



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