Coach Sam Falsafi and Jason Smith have a conversation about the Voice in this week’s episode of Parables from the Pit, where Jason shares his story and journey after receiving news that is both life-shattering and life-altering.

Parable #1: When Will You Hear Me?

  • Coach Sam: The Voice had been trying to get your attention: first with a whisper, then a knock on your door, then you got bruised and beat up with a baseball bat. But you still didn’t listen, so it dropped a nuclear bomb on you that created a massive interruption in your life. Everything had to burn to ashes in order for the fucking Phoenix to be reborn.
  • Jason: In my first marriage, I was in a pit that lasted for years. It was the kind of pit where you sedated and told yourself you were going to be happy, no matter what. One day, I came home and found a note on the counter from my wife saying that she had left me and the kids. The nuclear bomb had been dropped.

Think back to a time when the Voice came whispering and then knocking at your door. What was the result of not listening?

Parable #2: Processing Pain

  • Coach Sam: There’s the nuclear bomb of divorce and separation, but that’s not what happened to you. This was a nuclear bomb in the form of a suicide note from your wife that sucked the life out of you. As you and your young children experienced and dealt with the grief and pain, the pain was divided and shared between all of you.
  • The kids healed faster than Jason did and were back to just being kids. Jason, though, processed his grief by traveling down a therapeutic path of “selfishness” for a period of time. “My routine was meeting and dating a lot of women, eating and sleeping very little, and doing a half-ass job at work.” At the end of two years, the Voice spoke to him and said, “Quit pretending you’re not hurt.”

How have you coped with grief and pain in your life?

Parable #3: Cleansing Brings New Life

  • Jason: A radical change took place after hearing the Voice that day at my office. There was a three month period of absolute deconstruction where everything had to go. It was absolutely essential for me to do that. I was cleaning house, but it was really my body and my heart that I was cleaning. At the end of the cleansing process, I met my wife.
  • We both know it was the Voice brought us together. She hadn’t dated for four years because she wanted to get her shit together after experiencing some bad relationships. One month before she met me, she heard the Voice say, “It’s time. He’s there.”

What feelings are coming up for you as you listen to Jason’s story?

Parable #4: Coincidence

  • Coach Sam: People will hear the story of how you met your wife, and some will say it was a coincidence. Coincidence is the international thief of power. It is the most malicious, fucking word in any fucking vocabulary. It’s a man-made story that says fuck you to the Voice.
  • Jason: It’s a habit of denial. We’ve sedated for so long that we see ourselves as pieces of shit, and so we deny the miracles because we don’t feel we’re fucking worthy. The miracles are free, yet we deny them. We insult the Voice by looking at it in the face and saying, “that was a coincidence.”

What are the details of the last miracle you witnessed or experiened?


Parable #5: One More Step

  • Jason: I heard the Voice on the hill at Warrior Week 43, which put all the pieces together for me. The Voice said, “There’s one more step: Forgiveness.” Back home, my wife and children were feeling this energy and could tell that something was lifting. When I returned home, we each visited my dead wife’s grave, which has, in turn, set us all free.
  • Coach Sam: The Voice whispered through me, it knocked on the door through Jesse, down the hill the Voice beat you up with a baseball bat, then on top of the hill, another massive pattern interrupt happened in your life. This time, the nuclear bomb that was dropped brought life into you, instead of sucking it out of you.

When will you be willing to listen and respond to the whisper instead of waiting for the nuclear bomb?


Parable from the Pit:

“At the end of the day, the gift you got in those mountains was never yours to keep, it was yours to give away.”

— Coach Sam Falsafi


“My wife knows she can speak her truth louder now, because she has a king at home who is rising. There’s more collision, but there’s more trust.”

–Jason Smith



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