Dr. Todd Wendell is Coach Sam’s special guest in this eye-opening, compelling, and fascinating episode of Warrior Week: Parables From the Pit. Their conversation resonates at a high frequency and invites you to step up and connect in ways you may have never before considered.

Parable #1: What’s Your Blueprint?

  • The conversation of Warrior entered Todd’s realm when the conditions of his life could easily be described as “good.” Always one seeking more growth and information, Todd consumed the entire audio of WarriorBook during his six-hour drive to a hunt in Utah and afterward found himself in a pivotal conversation with Coach Sam.
  • “Based on society’s standards, things are “good” for you. But is good going to be good enough in the future? What assurance do you have that as each of you change over the next several months, especially your children, that what you’re doing is going to be good enough? What is your blueprint? What’s your strategy?”

How does society’s definition of “good” show up in your life?

Parable #2: Connection With God

  • Todd entered Warrior Week 55 with a spiritual disconnect. He knew there was a God, and he believed in him, but he had spent years leaning on man for that connection.
  • It was during that week that Todd was able to shed long-held beliefs and stories and begin to have a personal connection for himself with God, which was a significant turning point for him.

How has your connection with God opened up and improved?

Parable #3: Healer’s Hand

  • Up until Warrior Week 53, Coach Sam saw the mechanical aspect of chiropractic but remained uneducated about the deeper scope and meaning of it, and became a slave to his stories. We tend to dismiss and make up stories about that which we do not understand.
  • After suffering for over nine months with an injury, Coach Sam turned to Chiropractic, which ultimately shifted his beliefs through his personal experience. “It is biological and spiritual. That is where the alignment happens with the universe, which is this bigger connection.”

How do you feel about it? Have you had a personal experience?

Parable #4: Remove Resistance

  • The nervous system is a reaction to the environment we surround ourselves with. If we can remove some of these interferences, and improve and tighten that awareness, the body starts to thrive and resonate at a higher frequency.
  • “What creates resistance inside of our bodies? Drama, trauma, psychological, and physical issues which are ofttimes a manifestation of our emotions. As we begin removing those blocks of resistance built up inside of us, the electrical currency has the ability to circulate at full capacity.”

As you look within yourself, what do you believe is holding you back and impeding your circulation capacity?

Parable #5: Awareness

  • In our modern era, the man who is aware is a man who sees life through the blended lens of science, spirituality, and his own philosophies. He is a man who exercises confidence and certainty as he leads his wife and children.
  • Listening to the voice inside of you as you raise and lead your children is crucial in our day and age, especially when others are quick to tell you what to do. Remember, your children were given to you…not them. Trust your intuition.

What has been your experience with choosing the blended lens of beliefs?

Parables from the Pit

“I’d rather my kids get lack of sleep than lack of me. And…I’d rather spend a fucking hour with my son than read a book about raising sons.”

Sam Falsafi

“Lose the shame and guilt, and step up to connection. It’s all around you. Stop sedating it, stop running away from it…step into it.”

–Dr. Todd Wendell

“Our bodies are nothing more than a television receptor for a frequency that’s beyond us.”

Bruce Lipton



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