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You’re in for a treat as Coach Sam welcomes special guest Dr. Derek Price to the show. They exchange stories of how & where they first met, the tragedy that struck early on in Derek’s life, the story of his college & NFL days, how Derek overcame significant setbacks, how he met his soulmate, and how mentors have played an essential role in his life. We also discover the one voice he has always listened to and trusted… and how that one voice has led Derek to live an extraordinary life. 

Be the Man Challenge, an adventure that will take you through six weeks of self-discovery and introduce you to some of the conversations and belief systems inside of the Warrior’s Way.

Parable #1: Tragedy Strikes Early

  • When Dr. Price was seven years old, life as he knew it changed drastically after the death of his father. At his young age, he stepped into the role of the man of the house and instantly becoming a father figure to his two younger brothers. Day-old bakeries, dented can sales, and tortillas & butter for breakfast were the norms. However, he had no idea they didn’t have a lot of money.
  • During Coach Sam’s childhood, he and his family escaped from Iran to Canada, where they declared refugee status. Life changed in a moment for them. They found themselves driving around the neighborhood a couple of times a week picking out items from other people’s garbage. Most of the time, they ate cornflakes with sugar and water.

What did you experience early in your life that has helped shape who you are today?

Parable #2:  NFL

  • At the age of nineteen, Derek felt he was at the right place at the right time. He had earned a scholarship, was excelling at football, and was presented with a very tempting offer. Following his intuition and the advice of one of his mentors, he made a decision that turned out to be a big pivotal moment in his life.
  • In his first year as an NFL player in Detroit, with four games left, Derek was running off on a kick-off and dove into a pile of guys. What happened next would ultimately change the course of his life. “I was 22, I was living in the moment, I had a one year contract, and I had to keep it under wraps.”

Where in your world are you following & trusting your intuition and/or the advice of a trusted mentor? 

Parable #3: Soulmates

  • It was on a blind date right out of high school that Derek met the love of his life. It was on that first date that he remarked to her, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we ended up getting married?!”
  • “I was a football player, she was a cheerleader with dreams of her own, and she chose to throw in the towel and say, “I’m on your team. Let’s do this together!” Today, they are happily married, have three daughters, and live a life that they absolutely love.

Where and when did you meet your wife? Did you know right away that she was the “one” for you?

Parable #4: Three-Legged Stool

  • In Dr. Price’s practice, he has developed his personal executive program – The Three-Legged Stool – which represents how he looks at humanity. All three of the legs must be balanced.
  • The platform of the stool represents you, your total life experience, and your personal growth. The three legs represent the following: 1- Health & Wellness, 2- Relationships, and 3- the Pursuit of Happiness, the leg that often gets overlooked.

How do you pursue happiness? What does that really mean to you?

Parable #5: Habits

  • Derek: You have to create habits, and habits develop in baby steps. Baby step habits done over a long period of time become a reality that ultimately shapes you. In the process of building small habits over a long period of time, you have a sustainable, life long change.
  • When someone wants to make a change in their life, they already know their desired destination, but that just don’t know how to get to that destination from where they are today. I believe you shouldn’t talk about something unless you’ve been about something, and I take that to heart inside of my “Walk in Your Shoes” program where I mentor you, it becomes your life, and where there is ultimately a completion.

As you look across all areas of your life, what are you doing to create those baby step habits?

* Be the Man Challenge, an adventure that will take you through six weeks of self-discovery and introduce you to some of the conversations and belief systems inside of the Warrior’s Way.

Parables from the Pit:

“What if you gave yourself permission to pursue happiness which means bringing harmony into your existing life?”

Sam Falsafi

“In my discussions with thousands of patients, the reality is, I have discovered that brilliance comes from simplicity.”

–Dr. Derek Price



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