Warrior Week 52 graduate, Jason Kehler, and Coach Sam have a conversation about Jason’s journey over the past ten years, and how his introduction into Warrior through a message that pierced his heart ultimately opened the door to massive change inside his life and his marriage.

Parable #1: Lack of Connection

  • What Jason was experiencing at the time he was first introduced to the message of Warrior was a lack of connection with God, a lack of connection with his wife, a lack of purpose inside his business, and a feeling of shame for his nearly 300-pound body.
  • Over time, he had filled his life with victim stories, particularly one involving his wife that caused him to drift away from her for ten years. During this period of time, he felt that none of the issues he was facing mattered or took priority.

Where in your world are you experiencing a complete lack of connection with a significant person or relationship?

Parable #2: Cracking the Shell

  • Jason began delving deeper into Warrior via the various podcasts and books, which eventually led him to Kings Kit. It was through a protocol involving his family that ultimately prove to be a poignant turning point in his marriage.
  • It was in the sharing of his feelings with his family that cracked open the hardened shell around him. This propelled him into the reality that his involvement inside of Warrior could actually be life-changing.

What was the turning point in your life that began to turn things around for you?

Parable #3: Before & After

  • After having experienced zero date nights with his wife for the past six to eight years – and perhaps only two to three sexual connections a year – Jason and his wife are now experiencing regular date nights and regular sex.
  • Their discussions and collisions are enabling them to take a look at the things that have been impeding their growth and are now clearing them off the table. Their conversations have turned from ‘what do I want’ into ‘what do we want?’

What does your ‘Before & After’ look like? What are the decisions and actions that created it?

Parable #4: Two Sides of the Coin

  • Coach Sam: There’s how you felt and what you experienced, and there’s also how your wife felt and what she experienced. Where is her pain? Where is her pit? Who took her into her pit? Who is guiding her?
  • Jason: I didn’t show up for her. I had no empathy for her, and I left all the responsibility to those who were caring for her. These past six months have been about recognizing this, stepping up, claiming responsibility, and expressing to her my need to have her at the core of my life.

When you take a step back, how have you been showing up inside your relationship?

Parable #5: Faith & Focus

  • When Jason looks back at who he used to be – a ‘man’ who was not showing up for his wife nor his children – he is blown away that she never left him. “I can only imagine that her faith in God is what kept her here.”
  • Waking up every day with a focus on his wife and making deposits into her has allowed them to compress time and rebuild the connection & the spark between them.

What has kept you or your spouse inside a marriage that is seemingly ‘over?’

Parables from the Pit:

“The puzzle that you have in front of you doesn’t tell you that you lost ten years; what you have is a blueprint for the next forty years.”

Sam Falsafi

“When you get to the place of knowing that you’re enough, that’s an incredibly epic place to be after you have spent decades not feeling that.”

-Jason Kehler



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