Coach Sam welcomes Christian Davidson to the show today where their in-depth conversation leads them to share stories & experiences that uncover destructive patterns and behaviors of men in today’s society.

Parable #1: Turning Points

  • Christian was initially introduced to Warrior when he received a text from his friend that read, “You’ve got to check out this video! This guy’s crazy!”
  • Christian found Garrett’s message riveting & compelling and wanted to feel the certainty and fire that Garrett was displaying. His buddy suggested they do Warrior Week together but in the end, it was Christian who ultimately reached out to Coach Sam, forever altering the trajectory of his life.

Describe a significant turning point in your life.

Parable #2: Freedom & Fire

  • In the years leading up to his immersion into Warrior, there were areas of Christan’s life that he felt had slipped and fallen; where he experienced subtle change and erosion over time due to his choices and stories.
  • This brought with it heaviness, disappointment, and guilt that built up and clogged his energy. After Warrior, Christian experienced freedom and fire as he used the tools of Warrior, coupled with the accountability he found within the brotherhood.

Where in your world have you awakened to and noticed subtle erosion over time?

Parable #3: Stacking Obstacles

  • As a teen, Christian had established a strong foundation in certain areas of his life through his choices and daily disciplines which continued through his 20s. In his 30s, as he took on more responsibility with marriage, children, and business, those disciplines shifted.
  • Like many men, Christian began feeling shame and guilt as he started moving away from those disciplines and moved deeper into a pit. How does this happen? How do we find ourselves suddenly out of a routine that has been working so well for us for many years?

What daily routines & disciplines did you change or give up once you entered into your marriage? Why?

Parable #4: Define Your Outcomes

  • When men get married, most begin focusing on their business and body at the expense of their relationships and spirituality. Why? Because the hustle of business and body can be easily measured, while results in the areas of relationships and spiritually are built around assumptions and comparisons.
  • In the 90 days post-Warrior, Christian was able to define for himself what successful outcomes looked like in all four areas of his life, including the oft-times difficult to define areas of relationships and spirituality, a practice he continues to find life-altering.

How do you define success in all areas of your life? What are those definitions based on?

Parable #5: Isolation

  • Twenty years into his marriage, Christian experienced a divorce. His feelings of self-worth had dropped, and looking back, he felt he didn’t handle circumstances well at the time. “When I should have been communicating more, I communicated less.”
  • When things inside of his business began crashing, instead of slowing things down and opening up to his wife about their circumstances, he doubled down on work and kept it all inside to try to protect her and their four children from the stress of it all.

What do you keep from your spouse in order to “protect” them?

Parables from the Pit:

You’re uncomfortable in the presence of truth because you’re a fucking liar. What if you began to practice the art of telling the truth?

Sam Falsafi

“Wake Up Warrior is a unique tribe of powerful men, unlike anything we normally associate with in our day-to-day associations & connections; a tribe of truth hunters who are seeking expansion in every area of their life.

-Christian Davidson



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