When men start to shift and change, oftentimes, fear stops them in their tracks. Other times, men shy away from changing at all. Why is that? In this episode, Coaches Max and Sam investigate and explore the many facets of change, something that is constant in our lives whether we watch from the sidelines or are all-in participants. At the end of the day, the key to change is endurance.

 ✅ Understand what change is.
 ✅ Commit to yourself to make a change.
 ✅ Take a stand for and own that one thing for at least 90 days.
 ✅ Share this episode with someone you know who could benefit from this conversation.

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I am focused in MY world, but I know it’s a shit show in THE world. I have no control on the outside, but I do have a massive voice in my world. And I want that massive voice in my world to reach the ears of my children louder and more frequently than the fucking voice in the world that will not hesitate to broadcast.

–Sam Falsafi

It requires the will to change, the work of change, and then the endurance of change. 

–Maximilian Mormont



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