Welcome to Warrior Week: Parables From the Pit, a weapon inside of a dark world where the truth shared pierces the hearts of men and awakens them. This week, Coach Sam’s special guest is Warrior Week graduate Daniel Hitzke who shares stories from his personal and business life that illustrate his journey with Warrior – the pits and the transformations.

Parable #1: The “Dream Life” Illusion

  • At the time Daniel was first introduced to the conversation of Warrior, he had what most would consider a dream life. He had the beautiful home overlooking the pacific ocean, a successful law firm, not a lot of debt, a vacation home in Cabo, a wonderful wife & kids…he seemingly had it all.
  • But he had reached the boredom stage and was starting to go crazy. And underneath the surface, he had some health and relationship issues and knew he had to make a shift. Enter Garrett’s infamous video in Vegas that completely resonated with Daniel.

What is the message that spoke to you when you were first introduced to Wake Up Warrior?

Parable #2: Feelings

  • Daniel grew up on the opposite spectrum of financial wealth. He was raised by a single dad who worked all the time, and as a result, Daniel took on the mentality of “go to work, do what I say, leave me alone, and let me drink when I want.”
  • He had a fear of losing everything he built and knew how quickly it could all disappear. But the last thing he wanted to do was talk about it because it was like ripping off a scab, and he didn’t want to feel that pain. So he spent a lot of energy and time focusing on everything BUT that.

How do you feel about expressing your feelings and facing your fears?

Parable #3: Fuck Date Night

  • The first six months following Warrior Week, Date Night between Daniel and his wife, was anything but romantic. She had a “fuck you” attitude about it, but they continued to go, week after week, oftentimes dining or watching movies in complete silence.
  • Over time, his wife began to trust the change she saw in Daniel, and Date Night became something she looked forward to. What Daniel never foresaw, however, was the feedback and response from others wanting to know their “secret” and asking for marital advice, which placed an unexpected expectation around Date Night and his wife.

What are you doing to keep Date Nights fresh, consistent, and sustainable, especially during this lockdown season?

Parable #4: Facts vs. Law

  • As a lawyer, there are two ways Daniel presents arguments: 1- the facts and 2- the law. When it comes to the facts, you can’t argue them; facts are facts. The law, however, is gray and can be manipulated.
  • Through Warrior, Daniel has learned to frame the conversation through the lens of certainty and spends more time wanting to focus on the facts than on the law. “When you have the facts on your side, it doesn’t matter what the law says.”

What has been one of the most significant shifts in your life since your Warrior journey began?

Parable #5: Certainty & Value

  • Your energy precedes you; therefore, if you are certain or uncertain, it is obvious the moment you step into a room. As such, Daniel trains his lawyers to over-prepare through role-playing every conceivable worst-case scenario his clients may face.
  • The conversation of value goes hand-in-hand with the conversation of certainty. What are you willing to walk away from or stand up for because of the value you place in it? Do you place that value in yourself? At the end of the day, you must have certainty in your value; otherwise, you will be exposed.

What is one thing you can do today to demonstrate more certainty in your value?

Parables from the Pit

“We are sacrificing time that we can never get back for a fucking story that may or may not happen in the future.”

Sam Falsafi

“You are not broken. You have to tell the truth, especially to yourself. Get clear about what you really want and what is important enough for you to let everything else go.”

–Daniel Hitzke



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