Brian Holloway, Coach Sam’s guest in this episode of Warrior Week: Parables From the Pit, was a self-proclaimed quitter for years. A break up with his first wife led to disconnection, guilt and shame, and a ruined relationship with his daughter. We discover how his commitment to living the Warrior’s Way and developing this one superpower changed everything for him.

Parable #1: Intro to Warrior

  • Brian’s first introduction to Warrior was the infamous Vegas video. At the time, Brian was struggling and didn’t know what direction his life should take, and everything Garrett was saying rang true for him.
  • Shortly thereafter, Brian found himself in a conversation with Coach Sam, where he was able to fully open up and express himself while feeling absolutely zero judgment from him. Although Warrior Week was placed on the back burner for a time, Coach Sam shared relevant information that Brian could implement into his life immediately, which left a lasting impression.

What about Warrior’s message rang true for you the first time you heard it?

Parable #2: WARRIOR X

  • Three months later, Brian was immersed inside the wild two day Warrior X event, the most intense physical version of Warrior that was nonstop, unpredictable, included very little sleep and it was almost as if time was folded in half.
  • “It was an ass-whooping experience spiritually, mentally, and physically. From the moment we showed up, I knew we were in for a ride! For me, the experience brought out exactly what I needed in order to refocus and shift.”

What impact do experiential events have on your life that a classroom-type setting doesn’t begin to have?

Parable #3: DSYSYWGD

  • Immediately following Warrior X, Brian enrolled in the 90-day one-on-one program with Coach Sam called, “Do the Shit You Said You Were Going to Do.” It was all about continuing to do the work and being held accountable for keeping your word.
  • Brian recalls the time when he and his wife were driving in his truck during a call with Coach Sam. In an unexpected move, Brian was instructed to jump out of the truck and do pushups on the side of the road as a consequence of being unprepared for the call.

How do you hold yourself accountable for the things you say you’re going to do?

Parable #4: The Shifts

  • Brian had three significant shifts with the relationships that meant the most to him – his wife, his son, and his daughter. He had reached a point in his life where his patterns and routines were preventing him from connecting meaningfully with them.
  • He began making a conscious and intentional effort to share, listen, pay attention, ask questions, pay attention, and be fully engaged with them rather than giving up and quitting, which was his previous pattern. Eventually, his relationships were healed.

What do you know you must do for healing to take place in one of your key relationships?

Parable #5: Don’t Ever Quit

  • One of the most powerful things Warrior has taught Brian – and something he considers to be his superpower – is that he just doesn’t quit. Having spent ten years of his life quitting, he embraced this new way of being, which has empowered him to lead his family and business.
  • His advice? “Invest in yourself, and you will gain confidence, then teach what you learn, and don’t ever quit. The thing about obstacles… you can get around them.”

What is one of the most important things living the Warrior’s Way has taught you?

Parables from the Pit

“Children and wives are the backbone of our workforce.”

Sam Falsafi

“The work I did then, created the environment we have now.”

–Brian Holloway



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