Coach Sam welcomes Smiljan Mori to the podcast this week. When Smiljan knocked on the doors of Warrior Week, he was seeking tools and systems that would enable him to serve his family in the best possible way. What he found instead was the man he had always desired to be: himself. He has since moved forward with various challenges within Warrior and is on the path to becoming a Certified Trainer as of the date of this recording.


Parable #1: A Better Father

  • As he held his newborn daughter in his arms, Smiljan promised himself he would be in her life more than his father had been in his. Smiljan’s memory of his father was that he was either away on business or arguing with his mother.
  • Despite making that promise, it was seven years before Smiljan realized he never played with his children and wasn’t being the kind of father he wanted to be.



What promises have you made to yourself that you’re not following through with?


Parable #2: False Identity

  • It was through his involvement with Warrior that Smiljan realized he had been running away from the responsibility of being a husband and a father, and with that realization came a massive emotional release.
  • Coach Sam recalls how Smiljan’s life was a reflection of his own: A man traveling in a different domain, an accent just like his, and traveling most of the year; a man with a sense of significance and a false identity, who preferred traveling to remote places all over the world over being with his family.



Where in your world are you running away from your responsibilities?


Parable #3: Metrics

  • At the end of every year, Smiljan tracks the metrics inside of his business. Since entering Warrior last year, the first thing he now tracks are the number of days he is away from his family, which number has been cut in half since Warrior, with a goal to cut that number in half next year.
  • What has become more important than the revenue, the profits, or the Kings Cash, is not only tracking the number of days away from his family but the number of days he spends with his family.



How many days you spend away from your family each year?


Parable #4: Making Tough Decisions

  • As a successful insurance businessman, Smiljan was always willing to negotiate and make agreements with others to keep them with the company. The #1 gift he received at Warrior Week is that he is no longer afraid of making tough decisions.
  • When he returned from Warrior Week with an increase of masculine energy, he was met with resistance. He was more straightforward, decisive, and demanding of himself and others. Amidst this newfound energy, he has learned he needs to have patience.



Where in your world are you making changes within yourself that are causing resistance from others?


Parable #5: Lead With the Pain

  • Smiljan is noticing a shift taking place in Europe at his speaking engagements and events. Where just a year ago 90% of the participants were women, the numbers are now more like 60/40, with more couples attending together.
  • Smiljan has changed his energy and his message, which is attracting more men to his events. Previously, he didn’t like to share his pain because he believed that by sharing the pain, people would not follow him. However, he now leads with his pain right out of the gate.



What pain are you afraid to share?

Parables from the Pit:

“I was the guy in the suit, and the suit was saying: I’d rather have the identity the suit is giving me than my family.”

–Sam Falsafi

“I don’t want to be perfect anymore.”

–Smiljan Mori




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