Brandon Lemuel, a graduate of Warrior Week #54 is Coach Sam’s special guest in this week’s amazing podcast filled with stories of awakenings and unexpected encounters with the highest power.

Be the Man Challenge, an adventure that will take you through six weeks of self-discovery and introduce you to some of the conversations and belief systems inside of the Warrior’s Way.

Parable #1: Empty

  • Two years ago, after attending a gathering with other chiropractors where Garrett’s name was brought up in conversations, Brandon googled him and began listening to the Warrior on Fire podcast.
  • “It literally felt like he had unscrewed the top of my head, looked inside to my brain, and could read every single fucking thought I was having at that moment. On the outside looking in, it seemed like I “had it all.” I was married to a beautiful wife, had two healthy kids, a thriving business, and seemingly had everything anyone would ever want. But on the inside, I was feeling empty.

What was your introduction to Warrior?

Parable #2: The Unexpected Messenger

  • While crushing it in all areas of his life, Brandon recently experienced a disconnect following a disappointing Friday evening with his wife. He awoke the next morning, knowing he was descending into a drift and told the queen he was going to grab some coffee at the coffee shop.”I’ll be back after lunch.” He then grabbed his journal and headed out the door.
  • While at the coffee shop, Brandon bought two cups of coffee, sat down at a table away from everyone else, placed his black hoodie over his head, put on his dark glasses, and began the evolution, “Meeting With God.” It was at this moment in time when a most unexpected encounter with a stranger, also dressed in a black hoodie, took place. This unexpected messenger of God was about to teach Brandon a very powerful lesson.

As you look back in your life, how have messages from God been delivered to you?

Parable #3: Meeting With God

  • What is this “Meeting With God?” How does it work? You go to a coffee shop first thing in the morning, journal in tow, and buy two cups of coffee: one for you and one for God. And then you begin the conversation with the words, “Dear God, I know you can, but will you?”
  • This is an evolution created by Warrior Brian Q Davis, initially called “Meeting With the CEO.” Brian found himself meeting with all kinds of people every week, but not with the man upstairs. So he began meeting with God every week (it’s been years now) asking God about things in his business. Month after month, the things he has asked for show up in the things he’s grateful for.

When are you going to schedule your first or next “Meeting With God?” What might be possible if this became part of your weekly routine?

Parable #4: Dear God, Please Help Me Find the Key

  • Coach Sam’s first spiritual awakening experience was when he was ten years old. It was raining, and there was a lot of snow on the ground. His mom told him she was not coming home until later that evening and gave him the key to the apartment. “But then I lost the key and began panicking and crying. I retraced my steps in the dark, all the while praying, “Dear God, please let me find the key.”
  • “At that point, I had traced my steps to the intersection and sill no key. It was was a dark night, the snow was knee-deep, the cars in the street were creating all of that dirty, slushy snow. It was a fucking mess. And what was an impossible fucking task was to find the keys with my eyes. I turned around to walk back, and guess what? I stepped on the fucking key! It was not a fucking coincidence. That was my first awakening and encounter with God.”

How were you led out of an otherwise impossible situation?

Parable #5: Work Hard, Party Harder

  • There was a point in time where alcohol played a part in Brandon’s life. He was attending chiropractic school, where the slogan was, “Work hard, party harder!” He was brought in to be one of the speakers at a leadership conference and was out partying the night before the event. At one point, he blacked out and didn’t know where he was.
  • He awakened the next morning underneath a bush in a residential neighborhood. Having lost his phone at some point, at 4 am he began walking along the interstate through a construction zone. It was at this moment he felt the arm of God around him, saying, “Brandon, you’re done with the drinking. I have other plans for you, and those plans do not involve you drinking. Everything is going to be OK.”

Recall a moment in your life when you felt the arm of God around you. What were the circumstances? What was His message to you?

* Be the Man Challenge, an adventure that will take you through six weeks of self-discovery and introduce you to some of the conversations and belief systems inside of the Warrior’s Way.

Parables from the Pit

“Invest in your spiritualithy and continually vibrate at a higher level. There is no other enter investment that will create the prosperity in your life that you’re seeking and wanting, or put you in the place of healing, service, and generosity than that of investing in your spirituality. As you give more, be open to receiving more. Why? So that you can give even more.”

Sam Falsafi

“Hear what the Voice is saying, trust the process, and then move without hesitation. My experience has shown me that when I ignore the whispers, eventually, the screams are going to show up.”

–Brandon Lemuel



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