Dr. David Fedor, graduate of Warrior Week 59, is Coach Sam’s special guest in this first-ever remote episode of the Warrior Week podcast.

Parable #1: Rock Bottom

  • Finding himself in a hotel room in the middle of nowhere, David prayed to God for the first time in ten years. “God, I’ll do anything you want me to do if you will help me; if you’ll help save my marriage.
  • About a week later, a KingsKit video showed up on social media out of nowhere – David’s first exposure and introduction to this thing called Wake Up Warrior. Something in that video touched him on a deep level, which led him to take the plunge.

Where were you and what state of mind were you in when you first heard the message of Warrior?

Parable #2: The Garage

  • Warrior created an opening for David to question his stories for the very first time in his life. It also gave him permission to start telling the truth about where he was in his life, what he had done, how he felt, and that it was ok to be open about the messes in his life.
  • “The first time I saw Coach Sam speak with authenticity and certainty in his garage surrounded by all of his shit, I felt and knew that this guy wanted me to speak my pain; that he wanted to help me and others get out of our Pits.”

In what way has Warrior “given you permission” to do something for perhaps the first time in your life?

Parable #3: Physician, Heal Thyself

  • David cheated on his wife, lied, and tore down everything he had built or wanted to build. During this time, he made the most money ever as a physician because he threw his entire life into his work. He believed his worth was determined by what he was doing.
  • During Warrior Wealth, David felt so broken that he was ready to give up everything, even being a doctor. “During Warrior Week, I finally received the certainty that I am a fucking healer and that I didn’t default into this path.” But he knew he first had to heal himself mentally.

What areas of your life are calling to you to heal?

Parable #4: Mom

  • David had a lot of rage and pain in the way his mother acted toward and treated him. That first night in the Pit opened up the floodgates of emotions and feelings towards her. David ultimately went to therapy and completed three to four hundred Stacks about his mother and his relationship with her.
  • “It was so suffocating how I felt about myself, and as a result, everything else was fake. Once I allowed myself to feel anger, rage, pain, and joy – at myself – I could then be honest with other people.”

Describe your experience in the Pit.

Parable #5: The Beach

  • The second day of Warrior Week was David’s favorite day. In the Pit, he felt like God was talking to him, but it was on the beach where David had a back and forth conversation with him. A lot of what he was told is now coming pass, although, at the time, it didn’t make sense to him.
  • One of the most significant messages he received from God was, “Why are you fighting the fucking waves? Let me take you. Trust my process. You trust Warrior, so trust the divine process. Just let go. Let go and let the waves carry you.”

Are you listening to God? What is he telling you?

“Parables from the Pit

“I want you to consider that what this is, is an opportunity for you to ask yourself, “What the fuck are you hearing? What do you need to hear today to guide you toward an action that you have been called to do?”

Sam Falsafi

“Authenticity is currency no matter what you do for a living.”

–Dr. David Fedor



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