Coach Sam welcomes Alex Nicholas to a special edition of Warrior Week: Parables form the Pit, the first episode of 2019. Alex, a graduate of Warrior Week 50 and newly called Warrior Week coach, has lived most of his adult life in New York City. He is the owner of a bar/restaurant and a gym, which gives him the unique perspective of seeing both sides of the world: people who like to fuck their bodies up, and people who like to better themselves. Enjoy this week’s conversation that is filled with stories of adventure, heartache, and turning points.

Parable #1: Kettlebell Mania

  • After breaking the record in kettlebell swings – over 368,000 lbs and over 80,000 swings in 24 HOURS – Alex underwent five back surgeries. He’s the guy who is willing to take things all the way to the edge in order to succeed in life.
  • “Your mind really starts to play tricks on you, and in my mind, I went to that place where I’d rather die than fail. It inspired me to know that I can take things to a certain level, but now I channel that energy in the right direction going forward.”

How far to the edge are you willing to take things in order to succeed?

Parable #2: The Death Race

  • In his early to mid-30s, Alex traveled the country competing in Spartan races, and at the height of his popularity was invited to compete in the most elite Spartan Races of them all, the Death Race in Mexico.
  • “We found ourselves staring down a bull in an arena in the middle of nowhere, our hands zip-tied in front of us, with instructions to find our bib number on the other side of the stadium, grab our bibs, and get the hell out of there – without getting attacked or killed by the bull.”

Where in your world have you taken huge risks? What have the results been?

Parable #3: Please Let Me Go

  • After Alex’s mother went in for minor colon surgery, complications arose which ultimately turned into sepsis. In the midst of losing organ and brain function, and while on a respirator and heart pump, she wrote four heart-breaking words on a pad of paper for Alex: please let me go.
  • To this day, there’s a part of Alex that thinks that maybe she could have survived and pulled through if he hadn’t turned off life support, which is what he took into the Pit during Warrior Week.

What are some especially difficult moments you have experienced in your life? How did your life change because of them?

Parable #4: Significance

  • A lot of what Alex has done in his life has been linked to significance, which can be looked at as very important on the one hand, or very shallow on the other.
  • “In a lot of my cases,” shares Alex, “it was shallow. I was always looking for more acceptance and more significance, but I still felt hollow; I still felt like shit inside. It was at Warrior Week where I was exposed and my perspective began shifting.”

Where in your world has significance played a big part of your life purpose and experience?

Parable #5: What Matters Most

  • Alex used to live his life wanting to be in the spotlight; wanting and hoping to get recognized for his athletic excellence. His hope was that he would be “discovered” on television and make a lot of money in the process.
  • Today, his priorities have shifted. Alex finds joy and purpose in connecting with those whom he loves and cares about. When he’s having a bad day, his thoughts go to hugging and loving his son rather than to the memories of a competition he won in the past.

How have your priorities shifted through the years? What caused that shift to take place?

Parables from the Pit:

“It may not inspire someone to want to do kettlebells themselves, but it’s inspiring in the fact that it’s respecting the commitment and courage it took to take upon yourself this challenge. What becomes inspiring is the fact that you never quit.”

–Coach Sam Falsafi

“When you’re doing everything with an actual fucking purpose, things start to align. You start to feel filled up inside and bring a completely different energy to the Universe.”

–Alex Nicholas





15 Minutes
30 Sec active 30 Sec rest

On the Rest Each Man is in an Active Kneeling Position with Weapon on Knee



1) Swing
2) Push Press- Right
3) Push Press- Left
4) Bent Over Row- Right
5) Bent Over Row- Left
6) Racked Reverse Lunge- Right
7)Racked Reverse Lunge- Left


High Pull- Right
9) High Pull- Left
10) Racked Squat- Right
11) Racked Squat- Left
12) Clean- Right
13) Clean- Left
14) Thruster- Right
15) Thruster- Left




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