Master Stephen Co is Coach Sam’s special guest in this week’s edition of Warrior Week: Parables from the Pit. Master Co is an expert in Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga and is the co-author of the books, “The Power of Prana” and “Your Hands Can Heal You.” Since 1988, he has been traveling the world teaching and sharing energetic techniques based on ancient spiritual principles that, when applied, can immediately transform one’s life.


Parable #1: An Inspired Encounter

  • Master Co has been traveling the world with Tony Robbins for the past two years sharing the Eastern traditions with the Western minds, something he finds most gratifying.
  • Nearly a year ago, during Warrior Week 43, Coach Sam began writing “I AM THAT I AM” on a whiteboard, setting into motion a series of events orchestrated by the Universe, leading him down a divine path to an inspired encounter with Master Stephen Co.

Where in your world have you seen the hand of God or the Universe orchestrating events in your life?


Parable #2: Learn, Live, Teach

  • Coach Sam: There comes a time when a man needs to identify a spiritual mentor because the idea of “I’m going to do it alone” is limited. What I have been learning from Master Co, I have been giving away to those whom I teach.
  • Master Stephen Co: The more you know, the more you realize how little you know. As a man, a lot of times our ego tells us, “I know everything.” Humility, on the other hand, gives a person the self-confidence to say, “I want to be better; therefore, I will seek someone who has accomplished more.”

Who is your spiritual mentor?


Parable #3: Stepping Stones

  • Thirty years ago,  Master Co’s wife fell fourteen feet onto solid concrete and broke her hip.  The doctors told them it would take 3 1/2 months for her to heal and to be able to walk again. Master Co searched for alternative solutions, which eventually led him to his mentor.
  • He put into practice what he learned from his mentor – which is what he teaches today –  and in two weeks, his wife was walking; in five weeks, she was running.

How has finding alternative solutions changed the course of your life?


Parable #4: I AM

  • I AM is the mover of the body, the creator of feelings, and the thinker of thoughts. If you don’t know who this I AM is, you become a slave to your body, to your emotions, and to your thoughts. By knowing who the “I AM” is, you regain your power and the inner strength to deal with life.
  • To be emotionally stable, mentally clear, and to have inner peace is the desire of most human beings. If someone is not experiencing this in their life, they are in need of healing.

How do you live when you feel power and strength?


Parable #5: The Energy of Happiness

  • Happiness is a feeling, a state; it’s a certain frequency of energy. When you’re with a person who radiates happiness, you begin feeling uplifted. And if you can keep generating that energy, you can permeate yourself and infect other people with that energy.
  • When you’re happier, it’s easier to be compassionate. When you’re not happy, it’s going to be harder, but you can choose to be compassionate. In the end, it’s always a choice.

What is your experience being around happy vs angry people? How do you feel?



Parables from the Pit:

“You never arrive at I AM. You find yourself in its presence, but there’s no arrival.”

–Sam Falsafi

 “Being a true man is being able to master yourself.”

–Master Stephen Co




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