Coach Sam and Coach Jesse engage in a conversation around a Pit that many men experience, the Pit of the need for money and how that need paralyzes and prevents them from moving forward.


Parable #1: Patterns of Behavior

  • What is the real problem when a man says he needs money? Coaches naturally want to coach the problem instead of the man, but that’s not how solutions are found. You have to coach the person and the behavior.
  • What is the actual behavior which causes men to believe they need money? In one man’s case, it was found that he had been sitting on a stack of leads and hadn’t called one of them; he hadn’t been putting in the work.

Where in your life are you expecting results without putting in the required work?


Parable #2: Moving or Not Moving?

  • If you want energy, you must start moving. Someone in a place of need has stopped moving. When you say you need to make money or lose weight, it’s all the same; are you moving or not moving?
  • This neediness is a paralyzation and it becomes our reality of not doing anything. Once the movement is paralyzed, fuck hope.

Across all areas of your life, where do you find yourself paralyzed in your movement?


Parable #3: Mindset of Victimhood

  • Reaching out for help is the fucking victim reaching out to be saved so he doesn’t have to do the work.
  • The natural result of not moving in the direction you know you must go in is depression. Not taking action is the mindset and skillset of being a victim.

What one thing can you do today that will begin getting you what you want?


Parable #4: Blame Game

  • When you’re feeling stressed out, that stress triggers depression and zaps your energy. This leads to the blame game where you begin blaming your conditions and results on other people.
  • Many times our patterns and behaviors can be traced back to our childhood. The collection of your behaviors have built your roadblocks. Roadblocks are a link to a series of synchronized habits

Who or what are you blaming your current results or circumstances on?


Parable #5: Roadblocks

  • When you say you need something vs you want something, that need becomes the roadblock. You can either go around it, through it, or stop and stare at it hoping it will go away.
  • When we say we want to do something, that changes our behavior and our mindset and opens up options and possibilities to go over or around the roadblock. Want gives me options; need is an anchor for you to remain the same.

What are the roadblocks you are staring at in your life?

Parables from the Pit:

“Roadblocks are a link to a series of synchronized habits.

–Sam Falsafi

“Neediness is a paralyzation, and it becomes our reality from not doing anything.”

— Jesse Ewell




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