Dustin Goss danced on the sidelines of Warrior for about twelve months prior to taking the plunge into WC3. In this episode, we learn about Dustin’s Warrior journey, how his involvement in it coupled with the application of the Warrior tools has transformed his life, as well as the miraculous event that occurred during WW 61. We also get to meet his family as they reveal their book and project, “Quick Cents to a Buck.” 

Parable #1: WC3

  • Dustin danced on the sidelines with Warrior for about twelve months before taking the plunge into WC3. Coming into this three-day event, his only previous exposure to Warrior was the videos he had watched online.
  • “It was quite insane not knowing anyone or anything about Warrior as I sat in this room with 1200 individuals dressed in black. You could feel the power!” As he dove into the experience, it hit him like a ton of bricks, and within the first two hours, he knew he was meant to be there.

How long have you been watching Warrior from the sidelines?

Parable #2: The Box

  • Dustin was very strategic about his rock selection during a particular evolution. He was sent to the “box” where he positioned the rocks to look at him and had conversations with the people or experiences these rocks represented.
  • “I had hours with myself and nothing else which I had never taken the time to do. It was the first time turning the microscope on me. The metaphors and gifts that were given to me were amazing.”

How often do you take time to pause and reflect?

Parable #3: The Clouds Parted

  • During day two at Warrior Week, in the midst of torrential rain and wind, on top of long periods of waiting, getting lost, and experiencing pure fucking misery, it was in that moment that the group surrendered to hope in the horizon.
  • “We had no idea where we were standing, no idea,” recalls Coach Sam. “As the clouds went away, and the sun started shining on us, giving us heat, warming us up and making us comfortable, the final piece was the revelation of an island.” Dustin adds, “To experience that was one of life’s gems.”

Describe one of those “life gem” moments in your life.

Parable #4: Post Warrior

  • “Before Warrior, Core 4 (Body, Being, Balance, and Business) was not part of my thought process. Post Warrior, the man I’ve become, and the ability to enhance myself as a father, husband, and businessman have transformed beyond my wildest beliefs.”
  • “I’ve become much more intentional with the time I spend with my seven-year-old son and one-year-old daughter. And the relationship with my wife has grown profoundly. I listen to her differently, talk to her differently, and think about her emotions and frustrations from her perspective more than I ever have in the past.”

How has your life transformed post Warrior?

Parable #5: Bag of Tools

  • Dustin: “The bag of tools that I obtained through Warrior are the pieces I value the most, along with the relationships. I’m having conversations with my Warrior bothers that I can’t have with my best friends or relatives. I can’t open up the same way with them.”
  • Coach Sam: “When it comes to guys outside of Warrior, I compare the way I operate vs. how they operate. Yes, I can socialize with them, but that’s about it, which limits the time I want to spend with them.”

What was life prior to using the Warrior tools?

“Parables from the Pit”

“We sell “now” to the future of “I will be.” We don’t recognize that who we are right now is much bigger than who we were, and who we are about to become is completely dependent on who we accept ourselves to be today.”

–Sam Falsafi

“The bag of tools that I obtained through Warrior, along with the relationships, are the pieces I value the most.”

Dustin Goss



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