*Coach Sam’s guest in this special episode of Warrior Week: Parables From the Pit is elite tattoo artist, Jasen Workman, who has created masterpieces for Coach Sam, Garrett, and many of the Warrior brothers. We find out how he was introduced to the conversation of Warrior, what caused him to take a healing journey of over 600 miles, and how an “out of the blue” phone call led Jasen to make a decision that changed the trajectory of not only his life but also the lives of hundreds of men.

Parable #1: The Healing Journey

  • While building a million-dollar company and team, at the young age of 34, Jasen’s body began to shut down from the incessant hustle and grind. After discovering a brain tumor, doctors suggested surgery, but Jasen was unwilling to take chances with potential consequences.
  • Much to the chagrin of medical experts and family members, and after being told he would eventually go blind and ultimately die if he did nothing, Jasen took matters into his own hands and decided to go on a spiritual journey of healing. Most thought he was absolutely crazy, but Jasen felt called to go on a 635-mile healing walk from San Francisco to Portland within 32 days.

What have you been called to do in your life that didn’t make sense to anyone but you? What were the results?

Parable #2: The Great Escape

  • During his month-long walk, Jasen met many people, mostly businessmen who were trying to escape the hustle of their every day lives to gain clarity and to reinvent themselves.
  • It was in isolation where Jasen gained clarity for his life through journaling and by asking himself questions. He wanted real connection and authenticity with his family, both of which were lacking on his part, and that his kids “just needed their fucking dad.”

How are you showing up for your kids?

Parable #3: More Than Art

  • Jasen and Coach Sam describe the tattoo experience as two old souls meeting and coming together. It’s a pivotal life-changing moment in time, a transformational experience.
  • “It’s an experience where I get to share a slice of life with another human being …where they have a piece of me on their body. There’s an energetic exchange, a footprint.”

What message or story does the art on your body describe?

Parable #4: The Phone Call

  • It was December 2018. Jasen was in the airport waiting to board his flight to Florida when he received an urgent call from Warrior headquarters. A series of events had transpired, causing Jasen to become disconnected from Warrior for a time, so this call was totally unexpected.
  • What transpired next was like witnessing a slow-motion scene in an epic Hollywood movie where one is kept on the edge of their seat until the very last possible second.

Describe a turning point in your life that came out of left-field.

Parable #5: The Hand of God

  • As Jasen sat in the audience of WC3 with over nine hundred other brothers, he suddenly heard Coach Sam call out his name. Only moments before, he had a premonition he would be called to the stage. Although he had healed in many ways, Jasen felt that his heart hadn’t fully healed.
  • Coach Sam recalls, “I was sitting there holding your heart, you turned the candle on, and I asked everyone to come forward. Nine hundred guys got up from their chairs, kneeled down, and all of their hands were on your heart. It was like a giant tree of arms with the healing coming through those 900 brothers and dads.”

What lasting impact has this experience had on your life?

Parables from the Pit

” We both had pain, and in the midst of it we had this pure joy and connection. We laughed, we cried, we listened to music, we were eating… we were kids again.”

Sam Falsafi

“Sam is a fucking healer. He takes men into a place they never thought they could be.”

–Jasen Workman



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