Warrior Week 52 graduate, Mick Olinik, is Sam’s special guest in this episode of Warrior Week: Parables From the Pit. Today’s conversation reveals their spiritual journeys and how mathematics plays a part in one’s spiritual connection. We also discover how it is possible for a man to be excommunicated before he is even born, and the significance of Pink Floyd in Mick’s life.

Parable #1: Warrior Wealth

  • Mick’s intro to Warrior came via one of Garrett White’s podcasts, which at the time he was discontinuing but Mick found them so interesting that he continued playing past episodes. Mick eventually stepped through the gates of Warrior in early June of 2018 through one of the live events, Warrior Wealth, with the belief he would come away with some tax strategies.
  • “The experience of Warrior Wealth was like a wet fish-slap in the face. It was insane.” The two pivotal messages Mick received centered around the evolution of the man’s role in society throughout history, as well as the conversation of the Core 4 (BODY, BEING, BALANCE, BUSINESS), specifically in the area of BEING through a powerful mediation led by Coach Sam.

Where in your world have you been drawn to a certain conversation or message that resulted in making what you now recognize as a life-altering decision?

Parable #2: Excommunication

  • Mick was essentially excommunicated (twice) from his religion before he was even born due to the actions of his grandfather in the 1940s, and his parents’ actions before his birth. Mick was told by church leaders that because he was excommunicated, he was going to hell.
  • “This made the acceptance of spirituality and God really hard for me as a kid. Essentially, it wouldn’t matter what I did; according to the leaders, I was fucked.” While preparing for his Holy Communion in the second grade, and after many conversations with the priests, Mick said fuck it to religion and turned to atheism.

How have the religious beliefs and practices of your childhood shaped your current beliefs?

Parable #3: The Marriage of Science and Spirituality

  • Through the years, Mick’s desire to rectify this whole BEING conversation led him to delve deep into the study of many different philosophies. By the time he walked into Warrior Wealth at the age of 41, he basically had a fuck-you attitude toward anything remotely associated with the spiritual realm.
  • Coach Sam: “There is a science behind spirituality. What happened in that room at Warrior Wealth during that Meditation was a mathematical formula that I can fucking explain, that created that moment of stillness. Where we were IN that moment of stillness, I cannot tell you…that’s where faith comes in.”

What has been your spiritual journey throughout your life?

Parable #4: I’m Not Worthy

  • There are so many man-made rules inside of all religions that have men and women believing that in order to be deemed worthy, they must complete a check-list. Even then, many are in a constant state of questioning their worthiness.
  • Coach Sam: “The truth is, we are all worthy when it comes to BEING as long as we are clear about the relationship we have with ourselves and the higher source we are seeking. The problems begin when a man starts to come in between you and God… and when we start idolizing men.”

Where are you in this conversation of worthiness?

Parable #5: Wandering Generality vs Certainty

  • Coach Sam: When you are certain, you’re a fucking lion, not a sheepdog. You’re not waiting to protect; you’re a fucking lion and are going to go in the hallway and eat that mother fucker.
  • Mick: Where I was a year ago is almost laughable. Today, I am fucking certain about who I am and where the fuck I’m going. When you talk about being a wandering generality vs being certain… I was trying to be certain, but I was a wandering dumpster fire of a fucking generality.

How has life itself shifted for you as you have become more certain?

Parables from the Pit:

“It took years for me to move away from information ABOUT God to an actual encounter WITH God where I feel this one-to-one, direct relationship & communication that “I” believe vs what it is “supposed” to be based on some information.”

Sam Falsafi

“For the first time, I’ve been able to have a connection with the Voice that doesn’t follow anybody’s opinion of what it’s “supposed” to be.

-Mick Olinik



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