Welcome to a very special episode of Warrior Week: Parables from the Pit with Coach Sam and Warrior Week 57 graduate Marc Beauchamp.
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Parable #1: Retire vs. The Next Challenge

  • Marc’s first immersion into living the Warrior’s Way came via KingsKit 2 in 2018. At the time, life appeared successful from the outside looking in, yet Marc was bored and had no new challenges going on in his life. He wanted to get his fire back. 
  • It was during WC3 where he felt the push to apply for Warrior Week. “I was 55 and running a large payment-processing company. One day my wife said, “We’ve got it made, we’ll retire and travel…” But Marc was far from that place and was ready to climb the next hill in front of him.

Where in your world is the next hill you know you must climb?

Parable #2: Release the Rage

  • Marc remembers the first day of Warrior Week being “a long-ass day!” Having released and dealt with a lot of rage about his father, Marc was certain there was nothing left to process. 
  • Late that night, he realized residual resentment remained as he let go of a “shit load of rage,’ afterward feeling liberated and free.

Where are you still holding onto rage about something from the past?

Parable #3: Pain, the Great Motivator

  • September 15, 1990, is a significant date and turning point in Marc’s life. It’s the last day he had a drink. “30 years ago, I was literally close to death. The choice was to either quit drinking or die.”  Marc had hit rock bottom. His first wife left with their one-year-old daughter; he had no money, no car…nothing.
  • “Pain was a great motivator for me.  While today l change proactively, back then I had to have something like pain to change me.” He credits everything he has in his life today to that pivotal decision to not take another drink.

What message is the pain in your life telling you?

Parable #4: Under the Influence

  • Coach Sam experienced a life-changing moment twelve years ago in 2008 while on a business trip. This is the year he chose not to take another drink. For him, it wasn’t about the pain; it was more of a natural path.  He no longer associates drinking with having fun. Instead, he has found non-alcoholic beer to be a delicious and satisfying substitute.
  • “When under the influence of alcohol, we were not ourselves,” remarked Coach Sam. It’s not that something is wrong with you if you drink or that those who don’t drink are better than those who do. However, they agree that with any drink or drug, you are no longer yourself; instead, you’re under the influence of whatever you’re drinking or ingesting.

What is the message speaking to your heart?

Parable #5: 30-Day Challenge

  • Coach Sam is extending a challenge to you. “Listen to the Voice without being under the influence of alcohol for 30 days. Then evaluate your relationship with God, your wife, your kids, yourself…and life itself. Ask yourself how your life improved, evaluate the quality of your prayers/communication with God.
  • While Marc and Coach Sam have challenges in other areas of their life, cutting out alcohol is one less thing they have to worry about.“ Marc also cut out smoking. “Once I started seeing these changes and effects in my life, it created momentum.”

Are you ready to take the challenge?

“Parables From The Pit”

“Zero delay in transactions is the name of the game with Marc Beauchamp.”

–Sam Falsafi

“A lot of guys have no issue with alcohol. But for me, I had to figure out who I was without it.”

— Marc Beauchamp




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