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Dan Nagy, Warrior Week #49 graduate, is Coach Sam Falsafi’s guest in this special episode of Warrior Week: Parables From the Pit. We learn about Dan’s first miraculous encounter with the message of Warrior, how he was truly forged in fire, and his unexpected & beautiful “gift from the sky” that came into his life once he completely loved himself.

*Coming Soon: Be the Man Challenge, an adventure that will take you through six weeks of self-discovery and introduce you to some of the conversations and belief systems inside of the Warrior’s Way.

Parable #1: Act of God

  • Dan describes his introduction to Warrior as a “total act of God.” At the close of a conference he was attending in Toronto, Canada, everyone had cleared out of the building with the exception of “one dude who was sitting at his computer. I have no idea why, but I sat down next to him and said, “Hey man, what’s up?”
  • A conversation ensued which led to grabbing supper together. It was during their meal that Tony Leblanc introduced Dan to “a psychopath named Garrett White” and Warrior. Dan went home and immediately listened to the Warrior On Fire podcast and describes it as if “Garrett had reached in the back of my head, took every single one of my thoughts out, and was displaying them to the world.”

How were you introduced to the message of Warrior?

Parable #2: WarriorX

  • At this point in time, there was pressure and angst building inside of Dan to do something crazy and really big with his life. His seven-year marriage was coming to an end, which fucked him up and crushed his power. Enter WarriorX which was calling to him, and which seemed to fit the bill for what he was seeking at the time.
  • After WarriorX, Dan found himself in the best place he had been in over fifteen years. “To come in and get slapped in the face physically, emotionally and spiritually… I was in a place where I was finally able to look at myself for the first time with clear lenses. I could see where I had dug a deep hole for myself, seemingly with no way out of it…except for telling the truth.”

What path did you take when you felt called to do something big with your life? How did your life shift?

Parable #3: Warrior Week 49

  • “WarriorX was a patching up of the hemorrhaging and making sure I didn’t die. It took about a year but I was once put back together and could see me for the first time (where I wanted to go and who I wanted to be).”
  • “It was Warrior Week where I was ready to have the jet fuel poured on; where I could really get to the root of all this shit. It let me truly find God again, and let me truly connect to something bigger than myself.”

What was one of the gifts you received from Warrior Week?

Parable #4: Blessing From the Sky

  • Dan became clear about he truly wanted. He had arrived at a place of loving himself completely and was truly happy spending time alone and with his son. It was at this point in time that a woman walked into his life that was everything he had ever wanted.
  • I wasn’t looking for it. I was looking to heal myself and become a better man.” Coach Sam: It’s amazing how God creates these miracles once the way is clear, and the fog has been removed. It’s a blessing from the sky; it’s truly the power of the miracle.

Has something like this happened in your world? What was it?

Parable #5: Copy/Paste World

  • Coach Sam: It seems like nobody’s asking the important questions but are instead doing the shit that they’ve always done: old procedures, old processes. No one wants to innovate, and no one wants to re-do the work that serves the timeline of now. We have become slaves to the old procedures and the old processes.
  • As men, we have given too much fucking power to “time” and “supposed to’s.” Most men are living in a copy/paste world rather than an innovative and customized world. Nobody deals with the re-work. There needs to be a re-work done based on the timeline of now and based on today.

How does it feel to do what you’re “supposed to do” vs what you truly feel called to do?

*Coming soon: Be the Man Challenge, an adventure that will take you through six weeks of self-discovery and introduce you to some of the conversations and belief systems inside of the Warrior’s Way.

Parables from the Pit:

“Clarity truly collapses time. When we’re unclear, we fuck around and time owns us. When we’re clear, there’s no fucking doubt.”

Sam Falsafi

“There’s more than fire fighting, there’s more than a shitty marriage, there’s more than buying an RV and going camping every weekend and drinking with your buddies. Believe the voice that’s telling you there’s more than your current situation.”

–Dan Nagy



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