During the closing weeks of 2018, John found himself in a deep pit. Unbeknownst to him, his world was moments away from changing in a massive way as he ate lunch with a friend at a restaurant in San Diego. Welcome to this special episode of Warrior Week: Parables from the Pit with your host, Coach Sam Falsafi, and his special guest, John Estefano, graduate of Warrior Week 56.

Parable #1: Right Place, Right Time

  • During the closing weeks of 2018, John found himself in a deep pit. Unbeknownst to him, his world was moments away from changing in a massive way as he ate lunch with a friend at a restaurant in San Diego.
  • A group of guys donning black “Do More, Suck Less” t-shirts walked through the doors of that restaurant, and two days later, after devouring hours and hours of Warrior content, John found himself on a phone call with Coach Sam Falsafi preparing to attend Warrior Week.

When were you at the “right place, right time?” What happened? How did your life change?

Parable #2: The Awakening

  • Warrior Week 56 was captured in a movie and has since touched the hearts of thousands of people. Of the many highlights of that week, the surprising actions taken by one Warrior coach demonstrated the power of Warrior Week and how it filters all serpents and liars.
  • Notorious for being both intense and powerful, the month-long build-up to Warrior Week 56 was an interesting awakening and journey of self-discovery for John. “I realized how full of shit and stories I really was.”

What has been exposed about your life on your journey of self-discovery?

Parable #3: Abandoned

  • One of the common themes among the men of WW 56 was abandonment issues. For John, it was his father. “Having to face that, look at it, and really live with it showed me who I was. For me, I ended up loving my father a lot more because I realized throughout that abandonment, he helped make me who I am.”
  • Coach Sam adds, “The common theme in WW 56 was the conflict that took place with our fathers. There were a lot of alphas, big mother-fuckers, big muscles, and rough guys.” The idea was to investigate the truth, rather than rely on one’s memory.

Do you have abandonment issues? What are they?

Parable #4: The Pit

  • As chaos settled in on day one, it channeled its way into the night into a place where every man was no longer going to hold anybody’s hand. It was all about what every man was going to have to face, what they would allow themselves to feel, and what they would ultimately surrender to while facing the fears of the past and the prisons of the present.
  • John recounts, “The build-up to the pit experience was surreal. I was battling the thoughts of questioning why the fuck I was even there, and why I was putting myself through it. There were physical challenges as well, and it was an emotional roller-coaster ride. It was in the pit that I was able to let go of everything I had been hanging onto and replaying in my head my entire life.”

What is one story you know it’s time to let go of?

Parable #5: Hand of God

  • The second day of Warrior Week takes place on the beach and is one of the most pivotal experiences for the majority of the guys. For John, that proved to be the case.
  • “The Hand of God evolution was one of the deepest things I have felt in my entire life. The second I was perceiving that God was answering me, the clouds parted, and the rays of the sun literally and completely hit me. I felt that I was completely connecting with a higher source and power, something I tap into regularly to this day.”

When was the last time you opened yourself up to the higher power?

“Parables from the Pit

“Stop living in your fucking memories. Transcend from that place to the place of what is right now. Be willing to open up and investigate.”

–Sam Falsafi

“During my morning run as I looked at the sunrise, I found myself understanding that there IS something bigger than me out there that created all of this.”

John Estefano



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