In this week’s episode, your host Sam Falsafi has Warrior Guests Father & Son duos on the call to discuss how important it is to stop the pattern within ourselves so that the next generation, our progeny, doesn’t need to take on the same Pit by leading yourself TODAY.

In This Week’s Episode….

Your host Sam Falsafi has Warrior Guests on the call to discuss how important it is to stop fucking lying, and the first person to start with is ourselves.


Parable #1: Dark Periods of Fog and Stuck In the Same Motions

  • After watching some Warrior marketing videos, Rusty Rahm wanted to learn more until he had a phone interview with Sam shortly after he contacted him, feeling darkness on the inside even though everything on the outside looked ideal, not knowing how to get out of the fog that he had within.
  • This effected his son Christian into escaping from reality and choosing to be disconnected with sedations in order to escape the Pain, in which neither one of them knew where to find a solution.

Where do you have pain in your life that you don’t have a solution for?

Parable #2: The Process of The Shift

  • The Pain behind the Stories becomes part of the process of The Shift that is required within us all, and for Rusty, being the owner of so many businesses he wasn’t really used to being called out and yelled at by another man, breaking the ice that he wasn’t alone, beginning the process towards healing after declaring facts that have impacted his life for years.
  • Rusty was initially supposed to join Warrior Week 35, but he knew he had to stay with his son when they began to open up with their emotions, sharing a message from Coach Sam to Christian, seeing it as an amazing gift that came about through discovering tools (see video below Parable #4).

Who do you have in your life that can hold you accountable?

Parable #3: A Long-Lasting Leader Listens to The Voice

  • Even after the breakthrough that Rusty and Christian had while in the hospital, there was doubt within Rusty that the progress wasn’t going to last, but he learned through the tools he gained before he even attended his own Warrior Week helped master ignoring the voices inside of his head that told him he couldn’t change.
  • Instead, he heard, “Here’s your shot. Keep going.” And he did. Rusty found a way to stop numbing the pain that he had for decades, creating a new frame to have his children follow him in leadership, even after having his own recovery with disk surgery in his neck for Warrior Week 36.

Who is affected by your leadership? Is is leadership that is serving them to become leaders as well? Why or Why Not?

Parable #4: The Pain Of Operating Alone Getting Replaced with a Daily Life Script

  • All of the men that come into Warrior Week come into the program to deal with the feeling of mentally being alone, which comes about through listening to The Voice, which comes from within everyone’s heart for a Higher Source, guiding us towards Gifts.
  • The death of Rusty happened with his neck surgery, and the Warrior of Rusty became born, which spread itself over to Christian through Warrior X to keep getting better.
Video of Sam’s Audio Message to Christian while he was in the hospital, along with clips from Warrior X 10.0 that Christian attended. Click HERE if not showing above

What can I do for myself today?

What can I do for my wife today?

What can I do for my children today?

What can I do for my business today?

Parable #5: Two Ways to Lead as a Father

  • There are two ways that you can lead your children through example as a father: 1-Lead through Sedation, whether it’s hidden or not, picked up energetically by your children, OR 2- Lead through Power, creating frames for your children for empowerment based off of what you’ve discovered within yourself. Within Warrior, we call that 2nd Leadership living the Warrior’s Way.
  • The Patterns that Christian saw within Rusty that led him to Warrior X 10.0 is still felt today: “Be the first in the game” and “Go all in.” It was the hardest reality to face for Christian, but it changed his outlook in life that he didn’t need to hide from himself anymore.

What kind of power are you projecting towards others?


Parable from the Pit:

“There’s this huge fog of avoidance that’s taking place in society, and it begins in the home. This acceptance of avoidance through looking down at our phones instead of interacting with each other resides in our house with our closest relationships.”
–Sam Falsafi
“I got the tools that I’ve been searching so long for right inside of me. It took going to some really dark places through Warrior Week, but when I learned to trust the Voice inside of me, it takes me to whole other level. I was on the verge of divorce in 2016, yet in 2017 going through the Warrior program, it was the best year of marriage that I’ve ever had. I trusted the process and realized that I was only operating at 30% across the board. Now, everyday I no longer hear a voice tearing me down but a Voice that asks, ‘What are we going to do today?'”
–Rusty Rahm



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