In this week’s episode, Coach Sam Falsafi welcomes Warrior Week 37 graduate Mattie Leto, a chiropractor who specializes in adjusting animals. We discover Mattie’s childhood pain and how suppressing that pain has caused him to doubt himself in many areas of his life despite the great success he has experienced.

Parable #1: The Trap of Sedation

  • Mattie had already achieved much in his life, yet found himself falling into a rut of sedation time and time again. He wondered what it would take for that cycle to finally end. The story of his mother’s suicide when he was 11 years haunted him for years and he feared he would end up just like her.
  • In a moment when he felt he had to drastically change his life, Garrett’s voice from a video Mattie had seen the previous year came into his head. That day an email also arrived from Garrett inviting him to watch a movie about Warrior Book. When the link didn’t work, he emailed back and Garrett is the one who responded saying, “I don’t know what your fucking problem is. It works for everyone else.”

How do you sedate? What are you trying to avoid?

Parable #2: You Cannot Hide

  • As he entered the virtual training leading up to Warrior Week, Mattie was suddenly faced with raw conversation. He was witnessing men sharing feelings and things about themselves that most men want to fucking hide, which opened up a safe place for Mattie to share his stories and pain as well. He remembers one of the first things Coach Sam said: You want to live a powerful life? Stop fucking lying.
  • Mattie’s experience with the Warrior pre training had cracked him wide open exposing what was really going on inside of him, something his seven year immersion into the world of psychology hadn’t been able to do. He wondered how Warrior had this uncanny ability to call men out of their hiding places. The truth is, it’s because they have hidden in all of those gdman fucking hiding places themselves.

When is the last time you shared your pain and feelings with another human being?

Parable #3: What’s Behind the Door?

  • As we get older, we forget about all of that emotional charge we left back behind that door in our childhood and don’t know what the fuck is behind it. The minute you open that door, there are waves and waves of emotional charges that come at you, then you have to find a fucking way to swim.
  • For decades, Mattie hid and stuffed his feelings, only letting them out during physical competitions. It was as if he had banished a part of who he was. When he was in the pit on that first day of Warrior Week, he let that part of him out of the box and there was no putting him back inside.

What feelings have you been stuffing down most of your life?

Parable #4: The Walls Come Tumbling Down

  • Mattie: I thought I knew who I was before Warrior Week, but now I know I didn’t. For years I had built up this prison around my heart and on that last day, it was a fucking jail break. The walls fell down and something emerged that was more me than I have ever been.
  • I had failed in every relationship with any woman I had ever been with, believing I would never find someone to share my life with. Today, I am an engaged man. I finally know what it means to be the man knows how to show up for himself and for a woman. My relationship with Lila is one of the heart, not the head.

What stories have you believed about yourself that have stopped you from experiencing life in the way you desire?

Parable #5: Tune In and Listen

  • Everyday when I come to the revelation of the Stack, I get to move from my head into my heart. When my heart tells me one thing and my head tells me another, I listen to my heart and do what it says. When I do this, my life grows and things happen in a way that are not logical. The mind says you don’t have enough, and the heart says “you will always have more than enough, in one form or another.
  • You’ve got to get in tune with your heart and that begins by unfucking your head and mind. There is the retraining of patterns and behaviors that must take place. At Warrior Week do this  in a structured experiential environment where we retrain you to listen to your heart.

What have been the results from listening to your heart in the last few days?


Parable from the Pit:

“The guys who suddenly go out and shoot people are the guys who have shut down their feelings. You don’t have to be afraid of the loud guy because what you see is what you get. You have to be fucking careful with the quiet guys because they’re suppressing like crazy. There’s a gorilla that lives inside of them with no permission to come out until all hell breaks loose..”

— Coach Sam Falsafi

“The dark side of you can cause unbridled destruction upon those you love. So what the fuck do you do with this thing? Let me just sedate the fuck out of myself and be a nice, well behaved good man. You know how that ends? Not fucking well.”




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