King Lerrod Smalls joins Coach Sam Falsafi for an epic conversation in this week’s episode of Parables from The Pit: The story of a black man from the pit.


Parable #1: Dancing to the Same Beat

  • Coach Sam: Let’s acknowledge the fucking truth: there’s an obvious separation of color – there is white and there is black. To think that they’re the same is to be fucking foolish.
  • There’s a point of merging between all races when we realize our hearts are dancing to the same beat. We may be different on the outside, but the day we join our hearts, that’s the pivoting point between us and when we become one.

Where do you find yourself inside this conversation?

Parable #2: It’s Not the Color, It’s the Man

  • Lerrod: If you have a box of crayons and they’re all the same color, it would be boring. What makes a box of crayons so fucking awesome is the fact that there are so many different colors.
  • Coach Sam: The crayon box isn’t the problem, as it’s used mostly by kids and they just want to fucking play. The problem is the white man and the black man of 2018 who have their asses up their fucking head.

What learned prejudices do you hold against other men due to their race, religion, or nationality?

Parable #3: Smash the Frame

  • Lerrod: The assignment was to find something that represented holding you back. So there I was in my basement looking at an image of who I no longer wanted to be: this man in a suit who was living a lie.
  • Coach Sam: The man that is sitting here is the man that was forged by you. You had to literally smash the stories that day and say, “I’m going to build myself from scratch, one evolution, one decision, and one act of courage at a time.”

What is one story that you need to smash in order to begin the process of rebuilding yourself?

Parable #4: Learn, Live, Lead

  • Lerrod leads men from experience. He took on challenges in Warrior he didn’t believe were possible, with men he never had a relationship with before, and men who didn’t look like him  – but were facing the same challenges in life.
  • Lerrod: My program is causing the conversation where a black man sees himself as a true king. It’s about a man taking power and leading his family; it’s about being a Daddy which is a choice and where you pour emotional connection into your children.

Are you trying to lead something you’re not living?


Parable #5: Dark Magic

  • Coach Sam: There’s no pleasure in the dark side. It’s a false lift. What you’re seeking is not seeking you there. When you find yourself in those environments, a small sense of awareness can give you permission to get the fuck out.
  • Lerrod: The basis behind all magic is distraction: I’m showing you this, but I’m really showing you this. There’s good magic which entertains, and then there’s dark magic that is meant to distract you. If there’s something in your life that is distracting you, remove it.

Where in your world are you being distracted by dark magic? What steps are you going to take today to remove yourself from it?


Parables from the Pit:

“Truth is like a magnet. It attracts people who want to follow the same example in order to build themselves. In the merging of hearts, the mission becomes the same. And when the mission becomes the same, game fucking over. When the mission is one, there is only love.”

— Coach Sam Falsafi

“There is an evolution that changed my life where one man, in a room of hundreds of men, held up a tiny tea light. One by one, each man held up his own light until the entire room was one big light. If you keep holding up your fucking light and hold a solid frame of what you believe in, another man will see that and will eventually hold up his own light.”

— King Lerrod Smalls




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