In this week’s episode of Warrior Week: Parables From the Pit, Coach Sam welcomes Warrior Week 58 graduate, Chad Hovermale to the podcast where they have a conversation that takes us into the mindset of men, how Chad discovered Warrior, and how persistence on his part led him into the gates of the experience that impacted and altered his life.

Parable #1: Intro to the Warrior’s Way

  • A Facebook ad in the Spring/Summer 2017 brought the message of Warrior into Chad’s world. He found the message intriguing and was happy to discover there were people “out there” who understood him.
  • Chad didn’t want to lose the energy and passion behind his anger but knew he needed to reign it in so as to not hurt his family. He felt that through Warrior, he might actually get his shit together.

What was it that brought Warrior into your life?

Parable #2: Keep Knocking 

  • Chad was consistent in knocking on the door of Warrior Week despite receiving the “no, you’re not ready yet” message several times over a two-year period. It was in 2019 that the opportunity finally became his.
  • He had heard Garrett mention something about if you can’t solve a three hundred dollar problem, how are you going to be able to solve a three million problem? In the lead up to the Warrior Week experience, Chad actually became the guy who could solve bigger problems.

What has persistence brought into your life experience?

Parable #3: I Got This Figured Out

  • That first night in the Pit, Chad felt a sense of control. He was confident he would handle anything that might come his way and was void of any intimidation. In all actuality, though, the biggest lie he was telling himself was that he had it all figured out.
  • “I think all men need to come to a point where they are willing to say, “I don’t have this figured out, and it’s not always going to work out. Shit happens.” This was the beginning of Chad becoming comfortable with himself and his limitations.

Where are you pretending?

Parable #4: Comfort vs. Discomfort

  • As men go throughout their lives, many do not wanting to leave their comfort zone. The desire to not experience any discomfort is so great that they refuse to want “more” in their lives, knowing full well it will thrust them into that zone. They remain in a state of denial to the detriment of themselves and their loved ones.
  • Coach Sam explains, “They become a slave to their relationships, their business, and the world. They decide they’re going to self imprison in their own fucking pit of their making. And the

Where in your world do you know it’s time to get uncomfortable?

Parable #5: Guilt & Shame

  • This process [Warrior Week] was created for a man to let go of shame. There is literally no power associated with shame, and yet we are all conditioned to shame ourselves. The expectations of others teach us how we’re “supposed” to be and what we’re “supposed” to become.
  • “These are all parameters that the world has adopted. Therefore you operate within these parameters as a fucking slave. Yet, you think you’re in control, but the reality is all you control is the tiny solitary prison you have created for yourself.”

How does acting on the expectations of others really affect you?

“Parables from the Pit”

“When you come to Warrior Week, your reality to some extent is shaken, and you recognize that in order for you to even have the power, you have to first be comfortable with yourself by getting uncomfortable.”

–Sam Falsafi

“Warrior Week gave me the permission to ask for more.”

Chad Hovermale



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