At the time of recording this episode, Coach Sam and Coach Jesse are hours away from leading men in the crucible of Warrior Week 50 as they continue this conversation around pain, and inside of that, the pain of betrayal.


Parable #1: It Begins in the Mind

  • Coach Sam: Of the over 1,000 men who have graduated from Warrior Week, at least 50% of them have come from a betrayal situation – either they have betrayed their wife, or their wife has betrayed them.
  • Coach Jesse: Betrayal starts early in the relationship before something actually happens. If I feel that you have betrayed me, I create a story about it and then act that story out in energy.

What stories have you been creating in your mind about your spouse?

Parable #2: Not Created Equal

  • Coach Sam: There is a difference in the character of a man who has cheated on his wife and the man who has been cheated on by his wife.
  • Coach Jesse: What we’ve experienced in Warrior is when a woman cheats on her husband, they rarely come back together, but typically when the guy cheats, they can work it out.

How has betrayal entered your marriage?


Parable #3: Submission

  • Coach Jesse: At the end of the day, women don’t want a guy who is going to submit. When he’s in that place, a woman will eventually find someone else who won’t do that.
  • Coach Sam: The reality is, modern men have submitted to this weak version of themselves, which means there is no leadership when it comes to them.

How does submission play out in your relationship?

Parable #4: Modern Mike

  • Coach Sam: Modern men use their ego to justify their assumptions. “Modern Mike” is the guy who is distant with himself.
  • Coach Jesse: As we betray our soul and believe our mind over our heart, we begin to betray ourselves as a modern-day man; we submit because we’re numb to what’s going on around us.

How do you resonate with this conversation about the modern man?


Parable #5: Warrior Week 50

  • Coach Sam: Warrior Week enables a sense of awareness of your true self, which is the aspect of your heart and mind. Leadership is making a distinction between them and the ability to lead with both.
  • Coach Jesse: When you think about it, we are actually taking hundreds, if not thousands of people through Warrior Week when you consider the number of people one man has an influence over.

What has been your experience with Warrior Week?

Parables from the Pit:

“As we become aware of the soul, the mind, and the heart, we start experiencing the difference between leading from our hearts rather than from our minds.”

— Coach Sam Falsafi

“Betrayal is a sedation mechanism for guilt and shame. When I feel betrayed or betrayal, I immediately go to this place of guilt and shame which starts me cascading into my pit.”

–Coach Jesse Ewell


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