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Your host Sam Falsafi has Warrior Guests Troy Hoffman on the call to discuss the intensity and focus of Warrior Week, becoming exposed to what it was that he truly wants in life.


Parable #1: All the Single Ladies…Here’s a Single Man

  • Warrior Guest Troy Hoffman shares the impact of his Pit on today’s call with Sam Falsafi, first being exposed to multiple experiences of Warrior Week about building a life with someone, being single at the time and seeking more within his personal relationships.
  • The exposure that occurred was that this lack of personal relationships was showing across the board that Troy wasn’t dedicated to anything in his life, bringing a tougher commitment of holding himself to a higher standard.

What is the purpose behind considering change and transformation in your life, based off of where you’re currently at and where you want to go? What are your current metrics within your Core 4 (Body, Being (Spirituality), Balance (Family), Business)?

Parable #2: Facing the Man in the Mirror

  • When Troy first faced the realities within himself, the literal man in the mirror, he became exposed to getting a sense of clarity understanding where he’s at in his life right now, still worried about the pain about being rejected.
  • Until he was put into an environment that forced him to hold himself accountable, Troy realized how little clarity and truth he had in his own life, even though he could see it in others and not within himself until he was able to reconnect the child within and heal him.

What is your biggest pain in your life today?


Parable #3: The Wounds of Unfulfilled Children

  • There’s a process of the impact of others around us to have the courage to see the power within us as we learn to heal the wounds of an unfulfilled child within. This requires a deep level of trust as an elite alpha to allow humbleness to come in to feel the pain of the Pit.
  • Troy’s father passed away in October 2016, and the impact that this had on Troy brought almost a form of relief because of the physical pain his father was in, learning to step up and be the dad that he would want his dad to know how much he impacted others, not really feeling like his dad had an outlet to put himself first.

What do you think your father’s biggest pain was/is? What is the one thing you would want him to heal from?

Parable #4: Facing OLD Pain

  • Starting back up from the side, Sam shares his experience of being taken from a war torn country where his father had a successful business position to delivering pizza after escaping to Canada and safety for his children, showing a man that hustled for 28 years to take care of his family.
  • Troy could relate to Sam’s experience, and they see within their fathers the gift of growing up in poverty, producing a future of empathy to impact more lives to go further with a legacy that shows how to live and survive from that extreme level.

What gift of poverty from childhood (whether actual or figurative) has made you become the man that you are today? What is the greatest memory that you have of your father?

Parable #5: Transforming #1 Regrets with Pain

  • The greatest regret that a person has is not connecting with loved ones on a deeper levels, and with dads, it’s even harder to connect with one’s own father, especially by connecting to their pain. When we’re willing to go through the pain within their lives, it transforms the systematic sedation within men that has been passed on.
  • Not being able to talk about our pain and carrying it with us, it becomes a generational curse that will be passed on to our children, until we are able to transfer that pain to power by understanding and speaking our truth.

What is ONE THING that you are aware is working in your life? How can that power transfer to other areas of your life?


Parable from the Pit:

“Facing yourself in the mirror helps you get a clear idea of where you are in all areas of your life, extracting power in your body, your spirituality, with your family and your business. Being able to witness the sacrifice that your father had, even when knowing that they had or still have pain, there’s a conversation that can be had to choose to fucking lead.”

–Sam Falsafi




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