Welcome to today’s episode of Parables from the Pit with your host and head Warrior coach, Sam Falsafi, and Warrior Week 51 graduate, Daniel Giordano. In this revealing conversation, they uncover the new language of man, unveil the modern currency, and discuss the reality that in a world of connection through technology, disconnection and the feeling of being alone is at an alarming all-time high.

Parable #1: F-Bombs

  • About five years ago, Daniel saw his first Warrior video featuring Garrett J White. He thought it was actually someone at the church he attended and wondered why the guy suddenly had a “potty mouth.” Keeping his language in check was important to Daniel at the time, so the Warrior videos became an instant ‘no view’ due to all of the F-bombs Garrett was dropping.
  • With the passing of time, however, circumstances changed and Daniel was re-introduced to Warrior via Kings Kit. He knew it was time to make some changes in his life and figured since Garrett was still going strong, he must have something figured out.

Where in your life do you let your judgments about a person dismiss the actual message?

Parable #2: Just Like Dad

  • From the firsts moments of the initial Kings Kit webinar, Coach Sam reminded Daniel of his dad because he was “screaming all the time,” which triggered the hell out of Daniel to the point where he had no desire to talk to Coach Sam for the Warrior Week interview.
  • At the time, Daniel felt unworthy as a father and felt he had fucked up a lot of shit in his life. Deep inside, he knew it was time to do something different. The strong pull towards Warrior Week was completely undeniable.

Describe an experience or situation where you felt the undeniable pull to move forward with something.

Parable #3: A Time of Uncertainty

  • A few years back, Daniel awakened one morning and said ‘fuck you’ to everything. He was tired and found himself falling asleep in the middle of the day. After getting tested, it was determined that Daniel had low levels of Testosterone. He began a regime that would ultimately bring those levels back up within the normal range.
  • During this time, Daniel’s marriage nearly ended. “Things started to get ugly and I got to the point where I slept at my office for three months. To make matters worse, when we started to work on our marriage, we’d go out to dinner, have too many drinks, and things would get even uglier.”

How do you resonate with Daniel’s experiences?

Parable #4: Daniel’s Pit

  • Inside the Pit on the first day of Warrior Week, Daniel faced something that had taken place years before when he and his wife first got together. “We made some poor choices and she decided to have an abortion. It just killed me. We knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, but we did it because of what other people would think at the time.”
  • His experience of facing this in the Pit “was freeing because I didn’t realize it was the big barrier between me and my wife.” Daniel was able to let go of the guilt and shame and turn his focus to his wife to see how he could help her deal with her feelings about it.

What have you been able to face and let go of?

Parable #5: Silence: The New Language

  • Coach Sam: In a world of technology that enables us to be so connected, we are so fucking disconnected and so alone. How is that possible? If we’re all connected and have the technology to leverage that, how is it that we are more disconnected than ever before?
  • As men, we’re alone, we’re afraid and constantly hiding what we feel. The new language has become silence where we don’t have the energy to put into others or into ourselves. Somewhere inside of our lives, we have forgotten ourselves and have been forsaken.

What is one thing you can do today begin opening up yourself to share another’s pain and joy?

Parables from the Pit:

“You awaken to a new reality of what is and what you want it to be… and you remember what was, in order to continue to become.”

Sam Falsafi

“If you’re struggling inside of your relationships and feel spiritually lost, get plugged into Warrior with a group of guys who genuinely want you to have it all. Show up, step up, be willing to fight for what you want, and start doing things differently.”

-Daniel Giordano



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