WARRIOR WEEK PLUS (A Virtual Experience)

Hear From a Number of Past Graduates of Warrior Week Plus

“It’s only when you talk about the truth that you can really see the damage all the lies have done.”

–Nicholas Hooge

“Throughout the entire experience, I got to talk to men who were struggling with the same issues that I was struggling with.” 

–Christian Aguirre

“I’m not a religious or spiritual man, but there were more magical things that happened that I can no longer deny the presence of God in my life.”

–Nick Aalerud

It was amazing. It changed my life. The final two days were the most impactful days of my life over the past six months.”

Curtis Pass

“This experience changes you; it exposes you. It has given me the answer to the biggest question that I have about myself, “Who am I?” And… the Voice answered me.”

–Renato Vrdoljak

“It’s not so much about getting to the goal; it’s about making the most of and enjoying the journey. If you’re looking for guidance along this journey, I would look into Virtual Warrior Week. It’s definitely worth it.”

–Sebastian Thalhammer

“The virtual event with Coach Sam and Coach Garrett is second to none. It was the first virtual event of its kind that I’ve ever attended, and I was blown away by how impactful and transformative it was for me.”

–Kevin Ward

“It’s the most transformational, powerful experience I’ve ever had. It will change your life. It changed mine, and I’m a sixty-seven-year-old guy who’s ready to go kick ass!”

—John Goyak

“My experience with Warrior Week showed me the one thing that’s been getting in my way, every single time. Not only did it expose that, but it also taught me how to go beyond it, and how to change that story.”

–Justin Guarini

“If I had to sum up in one word what I got from the Virtual Warrior Week experience, it would be power – MY power, for the first time in my life.”

–Tyler Firinaiu

“My marriage was at an all-time low, I had a difficult time connecting with my kids, and the same was true with my employees. The “have-it-all-lifestyle” was eluding me. This virtual experience transformed my life.”

–Brandon Matheson

“Warrior Week Plus is a personal journey, a highlighter. It emphasizes all the pieces of Warrior that I need to hear, internalize, and own.” 

–Collin Donohoue

“This was a total game-changer for me. I feel like the fog, the bs, and the external validation I have been searching for has been completely removed. I feel like I’m now seeing 
the world in full color.”

-Michael Hewitt

“Anyone struggling in life or feels like they’re in a rut should really look into this. Take it seriously, be honest with yourself, and you’ll be blown away at what you see at the other end.”

–John Covington

“Warrior Week Plus was an incredible journey. Through the process, I started reconnecting with my wife. After being separated for nearly twenty months, we ended up revitalizing our relationship, and we’re currently working on reconciling.”

–James Purnell

“When I joined the Warrior Week+ experience, I was lost. I didn’t see a path in front of me and was just going through the day-to-day motions. I was able to identify many areas of my life where I was telling myself lies and realized that I could be much better. As I accepted myself, I shed some of the guilt and shame and broke through the ceilings that I had placed on myself.”

–Ryan Hillenbrand

“Warrior Week Plus helped me bring certainty to what I’m doing. It allowed me to dive deep into my psyche to find out the stories that operated my life and allowed me to replace those stories with new stories of power that I found within me.”

–Joey Karam

“Warrior Week Plus will have been the most impactful event in my life thus far based on results. Much like a ripple in a pond, within a week out, I can already see and foretell the echoes and footsteps that are going to be happening in my future based on what has already happened.”

–Brandon Grant

“This is a truly transformational experience. There were some issues with my life that were leaving me unsatisfied, and unfulfilled…those gaps have been filled.”

–Charles Ivester

“Warrior Week was like nothing I’ve experienced in my professional life. It’s a living experience, it’s organic, it’s real, it’s deep. It will take you beyond your limit, and beyond what you thought was possible if you are honest and totally participate.”

— Len Izzo

“Wow! What an amazing experience! I’ve never been around a group of men where I could share what scares me, where I’m weak, what I’ve done wrong, what’s offended me, and have gotten nothing but support. If you get a chance, jump on this!

–Robert Crockett

“Virtual Warrior Week was amazing. The experience I had with the other men was pretty phenomenal! It definitely put a spark back in my eyes.”

–Jason Oliver

“The advancements across my marriage and spiritually really took center stage, which I wasn’t expecting. Being able to do the event virtually was actually a benefit because I was comfortable in my environment, which led to going deeper inside. It was phenomenal. I highly recommend it. Do it!”

–Eric Seibold

“The virtual experience changed everything! I went in questioning and doubting, and I came out on fire!”

–Ephram Jando

“It was totally life-changing for my family and me. My outlook on the entire fucking world has changed. If you’re on the fence and not sure what it’s going to do for you, you’re the fucking guy that really needs it …just like me.”

–Jeff Yeager

“What did I get out of my virtual experience with Coach Sam? I got clarity. He helps you set goals, but in the process, he helps you to also reverse-engineer the steps you’re going to have to take to reach those goals.”

–John Palmer

“Virtual Warrior Week was an amazing experience. You gain insights about yourself and the person that you want to become. The way that Coach Sam and Warrior set everything up allows for a deep connection between the different people involved.”

–Ryan Murray

“I was determined to go all-in and do all the fucking work. Some of that shit I did not want to do. Whenever something confronted my realities and my bullshit stories, I went through the process to the very end. That is where you find the light and power within you, and no one can take that away from you.”

–Daniel Barrera

“I could share things that I haven’t even been able to share with my closest friends – my concerns, questions, and insecurities. And then to have these men support me means the world to me.”

–Duane Snyder

“It was absolutely amazing. The level of production and the intimacy that you get with your brothers was absolutely phenomenal. Not only that, the content that was delivered absolutely changed my life.”

–Michael Chasan

“I had questions in my mind how the virtual experience was going to be pulled off compared to the in-person Warrior Week. But it was amazing. It was exactly what I needed and has awakened inside me the man that I’ve been hunting.”

—Christian Christiansen

“I was looking for a purpose in my life,  and a weekend later…I found my purpose. I never thought that this event would do that.”

—Jairo Gomez

“The Virtual Warrior Week experience was way more than anything I would have ever expected. It totally blew me away. It exposed things about my life that needed to be exposed and gave me a lot of power going forward.”

—Jason Jones

“If you allow yourself to open your heart and trust the process, you will not be the same person you are when you start compared to who you are when you end.”

—Mike Janssen

“Virtual Warrior Week definitely did not disappoint. Coach Sam guides you through the process, and you get to bond with these amazing men that help you through different processes. You realize you’re not alone.”

—Rob Sullivan

“For the past two years, I’ve been chasing down this better version of myself but was lost in the process. Warrior Week Plus allowed me to let go of some of the major foundational stories that I was telling myself. And since then, I have felt this incredible power inside of me.”

—Christian Rhode

“If you’re waiting for all the circumstances to calm down so that you can make changes in your life, you’re going to be waiting a long time. There’s no better time than now.”

–CPT Warrick Blandford

“I always have faith in Warrior that they’re going to bring the heat. These events never cease to amaze me. Coach Sam gives a shit and gives it everything he has from start to finish, and of course, it just vibrates through all the men. It was a profound experience.”

–David King

“I know I have a bigger purpose to do great things while I’m here on this planet. If you have the opportunity to attend Warrior Week Plus, do it! There’s nothing like this out there.”

–GP Theriot

“Coming out of Warrior Week+ 3.0, my wife and I had a divorce-like collision. I was able to Stack the fuck out of that shit and release the rage within the Stack instead of on my wife. What’s incredible about Warrior Week+ is that it’s returned me to who I am, and at the same time, elevated me. I am a quantum spiritual Warrior king, and that is who the fuck I am. I am a powerful, extraordinary man who is filled with a passion and lust for life.”

–Demian Lichtenstein

“What an incredible experience! I’ve been part of Warrior for a while, but this was by far the best experience I’ve ever had inside of Warrior. It takes you on your own hero’s journey to uncover who you really are. I now understand what’s been holding me back for so long and keeping me from getting the results in my life.”

–Peter Avalon Northstar

“I used to be angry all the time and yell at my wife and kids. Now there’s no more of that. I’ve identified some of the lies I’ve been telling myself that put me on the hamster wheel day after day, doing the same things and expecting a different result. Now I’m addressing my problems head-on. There’s no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be doing that had I not attended Warrior Week+.”

–William Dotson

“Warrior Week+ was absolutely transformative. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in my life. I’m a different man. I have so much certainty around who I am, where I’m going, and why I’m here. I have forged a connection with God and feel the divinity that is within me.”

–Stephan Jenner

“I was really concerned about it being virtual, but it has far surpassed anything I thought I was going to get. It was incredible. I’ve made both big and little changes, and it’s pushed me to do more and be more.”

–Joe Kessi

“I was kind of skeptical. I had my reservations about the virtual experience compared to the in-person Warrior Week. It blew my expectations out of the water!”

–David Altuzarra

“All of the evolutions in the Warrior Week Plus experience – the bonds, the closeness, and the band of brotherhood that was developed – as well as the revelations and the gifts received, are unmatched and priceless.” 

–Alex Ginsberg

“I had gotten into the habit of not looking at all the good shit about me, the things that made me unique, powerful, and talented. Instead, I was looking at all the “bad” things in my life. I got to listen to other men being vulnerable and realized that I wasn’t alone in my thoughts & feelings.”

–Jordan Strauss

“Warrior Week+ allowed me to see what I was missing while claiming to live the Warrior’s Way and what it really meant in terms of living by the Code. It also allowed me to see what it really means to be connected to God.”

–Cory Rabago

“I’m a different man coming out of the virtual Warrior Week experience. I see, feel, and comprehend my life differently, and have a level of understanding about myself that I’ve never had before.”

–Jin Chun

“My experience at Warrior Week Plus was something I never expected. I went into it disconnected from my family and, almost instantly afterward, regained the connection with my wife and kids. It’s been an amazing outcome.”

–Duane Ingles

“I connected to God, which I didn’t think was possible. Everyone around me has noticed a difference in my attitude and stature. I owe it all to that weekend.”

–Wayne Rossow

“I went into it with many questions, some hesitation, and a bit of skepticism that there’s no way a virtual environment was going to match up to a live in-person Warrior experience. Was I ever wrong! I had the most amazing transformation in the 33 days leading up to the event, and the two-day intensive that created many pivots and course-corrections for me.”

–Ken Kotch

“Warrior Week Plus was transformative and spiritual beyond anything conceivable; a blessing beyond any understanding.”

–Shawn Deitemeyer

“Any of you who are on the fence about Warrior Week Plus because it’s a virtual event, get off the fence and into the event! Having done both the in-person and virtual Warrior Week, I can tell you without hesitation that the Warrior Week Plus is every bit as impactful, every bit as powerful and every bit as miraculous as the in-person Warrior Week.”

–Dr. David Fedor

“It would be fair to say I came into Warrior Week+ fairly skeptical. Having just graduated, what I will say is Warrior Week+ is perhaps one of the most impactful events that I’ve attended. It came at me from an angle I never expected. I have received gifts of insight and distinction that I know are going to help achieve amazing results for me, and for those around me.”

–Shane Barker

“Going into this event, I had a lot of fear about what the future held for me, and a lot of guilt and shame from my past. I wanted to gain power and certainty. As soon as the first evolution began, I knew I was in the right place and where I needed to be. Once I discovered the dominant story that was holding me back, I was able to cut the cord to so many other stories and free up so much energy.”

–Jason Godoy

“Each week of the entire 30-day experience peeled back another layer exposing the reasons why I operate the way I do as well as what I’ve been allowing myself to believe. Those revelations week after week opened me up and allowed me to see things and capabilities in me I had never before seen.”

–Dave Meyer

“Warrior Week+ was an excellent experience. My testimonial boils down to learning that there are a lot of men out there like me -dedicated, strong fathers that are caught in their own bullshit, which doesn’t make us weak, it just makes us unaware.

–Ryan Long

“…the most rewarding and transformational process I’ve ever gone through in my life. The truth that you have to go find within yourself and the evolutions that you have to complete are truly nothing short of miraculous.”

–Josh Thomas

“I experienced Warrior Week in Laguna Beach, and I wasn’t quite sure how a virtual experience would be. What I got from Warrior Week+ is that my life is what I create it to be. Period. All of the rules and pressures that I feel from outside sources are stories I create in my own head…and none of it is fucking real.”

–Joey Gindy

“Warrior Week – I’ve got only two words…Holy Shit! The impact and intensity that they created was mind-blowing and shattered all my expectations. It was so fucking awesome to do this with all of the guys with the guidance of Coach Sam, a true leader who kept us all accountable for only speaking the truth.”

Diederic Gimbergen

“The guys at Warrior really know what they’re doing. This Warrior Week+ event was way beyond what I could have ever imagined when I stepped into this. I showed up to find a deeper sense of purpose and drive the inner power in me that I needed to continue growing my business in this crazy economy, pandemic, and chaos, and to bring back to the core the father and husband I know myself to be.”

Ben Gerster

“I’ve never been part of anything like this. This is men dealing with men. There’s no cutting corners, no holding hands, no pussy-footing. It is what it is. It’s real, and it teaches you in a real way how to express yourself. And most of all, it teaches you how to be honest.”

-Brian Kendall

“Warrior Week for me was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced in 45 years. I’m going all-in on myself living like a King, living by a Code, and doing better today than I did yesterday.”

Tim Whiteman

“Going through several evolutions in Warrior Week+ I was able to let go of the story of the worst thing I’ve ever done, and that released a lot of fear.”

–Dan Diep

“In Warrior Week+, you go to places you’ve never been, and new possibilities open up that you may never have before considered. If you’re on the fence, jump in!”

Doug Scherr

“My biggest take away is that I put away childish things along with the sense that I am not alone in the pains and pressure that I feel. There was a lot of fucking fire in this experience.”

–Dan Barrett

“Warrior Week + was powerful and inspiring. It’s stepping up the game for men to be men.”

–Eric Cortes

“This whole experience has been absolutely phenomenal. You blew it out of the park! It was fucking mind blowing!”

–Tim David

“This experience was very moving, very powerful, and very relevant. My biggest takeaway would be to always come from a place of being present.”

–Macario Gallegos

“Warrior Week+ was hard, but the end result was unavoidable. The guys, the tools, and the assignments made change inevitable if you committed to the process. When I joined, my fire was out. There was no passion, no love, no drive, no focus. It broke me apart, emptied me out, and filled me back up with everything that I need.”

-John Garry Aylward

“This has been an experience like none other. It has transformed me and impacted my family. It has helped me open my eyes to make stronger and better choices, I’ve been able to forgive myself, and I finally believe that I can be the man that God wants me to be and has called me to be.”

–Zeke Perez

“Over the course of the 33-day experience, I grew into myself – the man I’ve been looking for. I got in touch with a bunch of shit I’ve been stuffing down inside that I could then talk about, share, journal, experience, and then let go. I feel so much lighter, better, calm, and focused as a leader in my family and business.”

–Aaron Lebauer

“If you want a better life, if you want a better you, there is no better system and lifestyle. Coach Garrett and Coach Sam will change your life; all you gotta do is take that next step. In my professional 25 years, I have never endorsed a program; I’m doing it now.

Ty Moeder

“I went into Warrior Week+ looking for something, and I found what I was looking for. And I guarantee you will, too.”

–Jeff May

“We dug deep. we were open & honest, it got really emotional at times, and it was long and grueling…but it was worth every minute. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

David Short

“You have to dig deep and be honest. You don’t lie, you tell the truth. You learn to understand how important it is to get to know your Pit, and to take the gift from that Pit that will guide you to your Peaks.”

-Djack Littel

“Warrior Week was very spiritual for me. I came away with more clarity and calmness. The biggest thing for me was connecting with myself, accepting myself for who I am, and knowing that I’m more than enough.”

–Nic Clark

“This experience was nothing short of spiritual, defining, illuminating, liberating.”

–William Marino

“Warrior Week is the most involving, deep, and impressive experience I think I’ve ever gone through.”

–Andrew Edwards

“The experience was exceptional, second to none. It was life changing. I’ve been able to find clarity that I’ve been seeking for years after being stuck in a rut, and I’m now able to move forward for the first time in forever.”

–Jonathan Grainger

“It was an amazing event. I’ve never gotten my ass kicked so hard over a two day period, and enjoyed it so much!”

–Anthony Boatner

“Warrior Week+ was incredibly impactful. I’ve been working for many years to get to a specific point of clarity about what’s holding me back and what’s in my way. In this experience with 25 other guys, I found it.”

–Dustin Briggs

“Leading up to the event, I had some financial struggle which had me question being a part of it. I realize now, it was worth every penny. What you’re doing at Warrior is priceless.”

–Daniel Espinosa

“The connection amongst a group of 24 guys is unique, phenomenal. A key part for me was my relationship with gratitude – gratitude for myself and for those around me, and a sense of what’s possible outside of my sphere of influence.”

–Peter Aston

“Before Warrior Week+, I didn’t want to look at myself in the mirror and avoided looking in my eyes. I now cannot only look at myself in the mirror but also want to look into my eyes and see what I saw on that final day of Warrior Week. I know who I am, I know what I want, and… I’m going to get it.”

–Trenton Rehak

“One of the biggest takeaways for me was the reconnection with why it’s so important to put myself first. If I’m not pouring into myself first, I have nothing to pour into my family and business.”

–Jaret Thompson

“I have always had a problem connecting with other men, but I came away with a group of guys that I connected with and can be completely open and honest with.”

–Mike Baker

“It was, without a doubt, the most impactful experience of my life.”

–Stephen Rylander



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