Brian Q Davis, graduate of multiple Warrior Weeks, and neurosurgeon Dr. Omar Ibrahim providentially crossed paths a world away. Together they join Coach Sam in this critical episode of Warrior Week: Parables From the Pit. The purpose of this conversation is to give voice to the children of war who did not get the chance to speak.

Parable #1: COVID-19

  • COVID-19 has put a pause on human momentum everywhere around the world. With all the bad that has come with it, one of the good things is that it has allowed us to pause and reflect on what we are doing and who we have become.
  • Coach Sam explains, “It is in times like this that it is important for us to become a voice for the children that died thirty years ago in the chemical war; for the children who put the Warrior of God bandanas around their heads and cleared the minefields.”

What are some of the things you have taken the time to pause and reflect upon during the COID-19 pause?

Parable #2: Scars On Your Soul

  • Living in a war area leaves scars on your soul, and you don’t have time for your soul to heal. Dr. Ibrahim has been a first-hand witness, as has Coach Sam, to the horrors of war and its far-reaching effect on men, women, and children.
  • As a doctor on the frontlines, Dr. Ibrahim has witnessed unspeakable crimes against children., and amid all the chaos, he explains, “You have to stay calm. You have to hold yourself together and do your job as perfectly as needed.”

How have you gone about healing scars from your childhood?

Parable #3: Shining Light On Evil

  • If we don’t learn the lessons from the past, then the children who have died in wars will have died in vain. For the most part, there’s no interest in sharing this kind of pain that ultimately brings awareness to the masses.
  • “People are sharing absolute minor issues every two to three seconds on social media vs. sharing major human issues like unjustness and unfairness to the children. It’s not only the killing of children in war zones, but it’s also the raping, the pedophilia, and the sexual abuse of children across the world by a network of evil people,” shares Coach Sam.

What can you do to bring awareness to the pain and injustices of others?

Parable #4: Civil War Horrors

  • There’s a significant difference between soldiers fighting soldiers vs. civil wars. Civil wars include women and children. It includes rape, it violates and loots, burns people’s homes, and kills them in their sleep.
  • “The images of the horror these children experienced remain in their minds for the rest of their fucking lives. Who will quench their thirst for revenge for the deaths of their brothers and sisters?”

What are your feelings about all of this?

Parable #5: Separation

  • What’s happening today in the United States stems from hate, anger, and fear. Many of the actions and demands are filled with hypocrisy, and the complaints would not stack up against the unspeakable horrors that Dr. Ibrahim and Coach Sam witnessed first-hand.
  • As the only neurosurgeon on-site, Dr. Ibrahim had to determine which of the many patients were most likely to survive. In many cases, he treated their wounds and injuries without all of the necessary tools, and at the same time, taking on the roles of many different types of doctors.

How are their stories and experiences speaking to and inspiring you?

“Parables from the Pit

“When you witness this as a child, it does not go away. The horrors of war remain as a scar in your soul.”

-Sam Falsafi

“I would like the world to know that war is the most dangerous thing. It doesn’t affect one or two generations; it affects multiple generations.”

–Dr. Omar Ibrahim, Neurosurgeon

“When others picked up a gun, you picked up a doctor’s coat, a stethoscope, and bandages. You brought your knowledge to heal instead of bringing bombs and weapons like so many others.”

Brian Q Davis



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