Coach Sam is joined by Coach Shahn, one of the main coaches of the KingsKit experience inside of Wake Up Warrior. He is essentially a blue collar guy who had gotten himself in a pretty sticky spot, which led him to search for something that would get his life to work. He ended up at the gates of Wake Up Warrior.


Parable #1: I Am Elite

  • Shahn was participating in one of the training calls and feeling a little bit down on himself, sorely in need of a perspective shift around taking care of himself and in doing the daily work.
  • There was a moment where he received a download, a flash of insight from the Voice that sunk deep into his heart: I don’t do the work to become elite, I do the work because I am elite.

What is a download you have received from the Voice that has altered the way you view yourself or the way you live your life?


Parable #2: Hustle and Grind

  • As a blue-collar worker, Shahn showed up every day hustling and grinding; he got his hands dirty and built stuff.
  • It was a hands-on experience of building and creating, as well as handling, maintaining, and running a business at the same time.

What are you in the process of building and creating in your world?


Parable #3: Blue Collar

  • Shahn has created a bridge between the blue collar man and living the Warrior’s Way. Although men may do different work, they’re all driven and led by the same Voice.
  • Coach Sam: At the end of the day, we’re all fucking blue collar. As boys, we used our hands to play and to build. It’s the hands that define a man.

What did you use to build and create when you were a young boy?


Parable #4: What’s Your Belief?

  • What holds a man back from building something? It’s himself and the way he looks at himself. Coach Shahn was once asked what made him elite. His response? “The belief that I am.”
  • That was a monumental shift in the entire game of living the Warrior’s Way for Shahn as he changed who he believed himself to be. That shift in belief of who he was is what has changed all of the results in his life.

What belief do you have about yourself at the core level?


Parable #5: I Am That I Am

  • Coach Sam: We are building with our own hands the belief that we are elite, that we are part of His extension. I am that I am is an elite conviction of who I am.
  • Most of my life I didn’t have that belief. Most of my life I defined myself by what others thought about me or spoke about me.

How have you defined yourself? What weight does another’s opinion of you have on your overall belief of who you are?

Parables from the Pit:

“When we say we are all blue collar at heart, we are saying we are all builders. The one thing we are here to build is ourselves.”

–Sam Falsafi

“I believe I am cut from the same cloth as my  Creator, and that’s as elite as it gets.”

— Shahn Ellis



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