Your host Sam Falsafi has a Warrior Guest on the call to discuss how important it is to stop fucking lying, and the first person to start with is ourselves.

Every week co-hosts Garrett J White and Sam Falsafi share in a weekly discussion known as “Parables from the Pit” insights from Wake Up Warrior™ in what is known as Warrior Week exclusively for men.  Join them as they teach tools that have taken men down to the pits of hell within themselves in order to learn how to  let go and grow by liberating themselves.

In This Week’s Episode….

Parable #1: Getting Punched in the Face with Applications for Worthiness

  • Warrior Guest Dan Bednarski joins Sam Falsafi about not feeling worthy enough to become part of Warrior because nothing that he was doing was working in his life, wondering if he was even capable of doing in the application interview.
  • The first question that is asked within the Warrior Week application interview is about being punched in the face, to find out that it’s not talking about being punched physically but in other areas of life being punched, having the pain arise.

Have you ever been punched in the face by another man?

Parable #2: Confronting A Flood of Emotional Pain

  • Dan could feel within his bones that the life that he knew and had grown accustomed to was going to fall apart, and there was nothing left from that world leading into Warrior Week, which made him feel unworthy for everything else.
  • When it comes to Pain, no one really wants to hear your story, and part of that is because you need to face that Pain yourself. This is where we are dying without killing ourselves, having to live through this death of an old version of yourself and become reborn from it, paralyzing us until we change our perspective. No one can do that for us, nor do others want to be in the Pit with us either.

Where in your life are you lying?


Parable #3: Stop Pretending that You’re Significant

  • We may not have courage to visit the Pit until we realize that we need to stop pretending that we have any significance in being alone, realizing that others have Pits that they have buried within them as well.
  • Loneliness is contagious because it’s constantly being projected on your kids and wife, in which they feel the certainty or the hiding within you, regardless of how much you’re trying to put on a mask.

What is the pain that you have continued to hide from?

Parable #4: Leadership Starts by Telling the Fucking Truth

  • Your stories and assumption to protect your family from the truth is not only hurting you, but your family. Systematically, you must choose to rise from this place of lies that hasn’t been serving anyone. Sam shared the last lie that he made back in 2014 to talk about the toxic energy that lies send out to the universe.
  • The truth is a simple place to be, but it becomes one of the most difficult decisions to make when you start putting assumptions around it that it’s OK to remain in the lie in order to protect others from who you are.

Where do you need to be ruthless and relentless in pushing yourself towards the truth?

Parable #5: The Pit of Being Alone

  • Dan’s Pit is being alone and going back to his experience at Warrior Week two years ago has become visceral, because they will never go away, having an opportunity to accept a different reality once he learned how to get out of the Pit.
  • Feeling the Purpose for the Pit, there’s a possibility that is seen for a greater version of yourself, having no idea how to get there, there’s a feeling of pushing through it by being willing to DO THE WORK. You have to go through hell in order to get back; there’s no other option.

What possibility is out there for you? What is the purpose behind the Pain you are going through?


Parable from the Pit:

“Masculinity is about feeling the fucking pain that you’ve gone through. The most hurtful and paralyzing feeling that a man can feel is that feeling of being alone. Many have created assumptions and justifications for feeling alone, creating stories that are living in a fantasyland that no one else wants to go into with you. When a man decides to step into the Pit for the first time, it doesn’t matter how great the pain is…we all have this common pain inside of the Pit that we feel alone because we’re operating alone. Inside of Warrior we have this conversation amongst men that teaches us to experience the pain with others.”

Sam Falsafi


“The pain doesn’t ever go away, but it teaches me to become the man that I am. By going through this fact of life that we want to maintain what we have, I was forced within myself to step up and let myself have the opportunity to become authentic to myself. I am now willing to stand up for myself. The feeling of being alone will become your own reality and will continue to get louder until you are willing to tell the truth to yourself.”

Dan Bednarksi



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